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    16 Summery Pieces That’ll Earn You Endless Compliments

    You're welcome. 😎

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    1. A woven cross-body *just* big enough for your essentials (think: phone, keys, wallet, Glossier Balm Dotcom), but small enough that you won't get stuck carrying everyone's stuff.

    2. A smocked tank top with with straps that are actually thick enough to conceal even the most unruly bra strap because idk about you, but strapless options are the bane of my existence!!

    3. A pair of chunky tortoiseshell sunglasses so your retinas aren't burnt to crisps next time you indulge in a lil' outdoor brunchie brunch.

    4. A floral bikini that also doubles as a crop top so you don't have to fret over what to change into after a day at the pool.

    5. A floral maxi dress guaranteed to help you achieve that easy breezy vacay style you're after even if your hair didn't want to cooperate on the beachy waves front. 😡

    6. A pair of snakeskin and jute platform sandals that'll give you a 1.5-inch boost but won't break your ankles in the process.

    7. A set of colorful dangly earrings if adjectives like "simple," "dainty," and "subtle" just don't describe your personal style.

    8. A satin midi dress you can layer over a graphic tee, under your fave denim jacket, or just wear on its own for a Carrie Bradshaw moment.

    9. A pair of upcycled vintage patchwork shorts that are one of a kind — just like you.

    10. A braided floppy hat so you don't sunburn your scalp next time you fall asleep outside. Something about napping in a hammock just hits know?

    11. An easy everyday sandal if you're the type of person who gets incredibly impatient when piecing together an outfit. Idk your style or what you usually wear, but throw these on when there's T-minus 60 seconds 'til it's time to walk out the door!

    12. A silky Reformation skirt with a lil' thigh slit so you can enjoy some air circulation on particularly balmy days.

    13. A gauzy cover-up for the vacation you haven't booked yet but plan to right after hitting checkout on this...

    14. A set of claw clips because if you're anything like me, the neck sweats creep in the second temps hit 60 and above and these babies will help get your hair up and out of the danger zone.

    15. An "ice cream" colored one-piece for those days when you're kicking it at the beach from 9 to 5 and then ready to absolutely slay your dinner reservation. Slip on a skirt or some distressed denim and no one will be the wiser.

    16. And a bright pair of *non see-through* biker shorts you can fully bend over in to pet every puppy that comes your way. No more worrying about whether or not your bum is on full display when there are bellies to be rubbed.

    When someone asks where you got such a cute fit but you're not ready to give away your secrets:

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