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    36 Mother's Day Gifts For Moms Who Prioritize Style *And* Comfort

    Looks for minimalists, maximalists, and all the moms in between 💕

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Mother's Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 9th!

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A loose tunic tank with lots of movement from the ruffled neckline to the cap sleeves and pleated body. Since it can be worn on its own or paired with a coat or cardigan, mom can rock this all year round.

    a reviewer wearing the white and black top in three different ways

    2. A pair of buckled block heels that will have others saying "wow!" and mom's fantastically supported arches saying "oh, YES."

    3. A drapey Madewell blouse that French tucks like no other. Plus, the oversized fit means she can slip it on over her head without having to button it and then re-button it when she realizes she was off by one.

    4. A pair of high-waisted pleated pants with bow detailing at the waist and ankles, plus functional pockets. Good news is if mom really falls in love with them, they're available in 33 (!) colors so you'll be set for a few year's-worth of birthday and holiday gifts.

    5. A pair of head-turning Steve Madden sneakers for the maximalist mom who'd never even *dream* of stepping outdoors in plain white footwear.

    a model holding the sneaker in two different prints

    6. A pair of relaxed, wide-leg pants with a timeless floral print and ~more importantly~ soft, stretchy, spandex construction.

    7. A pair of polarized frames that'll protect her peepers as she drives you to Starbucks 'cause you *needed* coffee but didn't feel like driving. Yes, she loves you that much.

    8. A Hill House Nap Dress for the mom who not only knows her trends, but partakes (read: slays) in them, too.

    9. A faux leather bag that can be carried in three different ways: as a backpack, cross-body, or top handle bag. If your mom — like mine — tends to carry everything but the kitchen sink, this'll give her plenty of space.

    10. Or, if she's the opposite, a teensy tiny on-trend waist bag with just enough room for all of her essentials: smartphone, card wallet, and that v, v embarrassing fifth-grade school photo she carries around of you.

    11. A bold and protective headwrap so mom can give her curls the attention they deserve but sans heat or too much manipulation.

    12. A silky satin midi skirt with a silhouette that says "chic" and an elastic waistband that says "I'll give your most comfortable sweats a go."

    13. A pack of bee-emblazoned headbands for the mom who loves Gucci but would absolutely kill you if you spent the $$$ to buy the real thing.

    14. A ruffled eyelet babydoll top with details that do all the talking but also a loose, flowy fit that doesn't constrict.

    15. A ribbed henley top she can pair with "mom" jeans — AKA any denim she has on hand. 😉

    16. A wide-brim hat capable of blocking harmful UV rays and helping mom on her journey to an Alexis Rose-approved closet.

    17. A linen maxi skirt mom can twist and twirl in freely because — say it with me: IT'S NO JEANS 2021.

    18. A pair of knit Amazon Essentials jeggings with thousands of 5-star reviews that almost unanimously state they feel like leggings but look like jeans.

    19. A denim Universal Standard shirt dress that calls for very little effort on mom's part. Basically: to roll up the sleeves or to not roll up the sleeves? That is the [only] question.

    20. A pearl-embellished top for the mom who loves to be a lil' ~extra~ but can never remember to actually accessorize. This top does it for her.

    21. A Levi's denim jacket that I won't even waste your time explaining. You and I both KNOW there's nothing more versatile or easy to throw on.

    22. A pair of platform sandals with flexible elastic straps and a padded footbed that will keep her feetsies nice and comfortable. Blisters? She doesn't know them.

    the sandals in pink

    23. A one-and-done button-down shirt dress that's soft, silky, and oh-so-easy to style. Basically, mom just has to add shoes.

    24. A pair of criss-cross faux fur slippers with memory foam insoles that'll have mom feel like she's walking on a literal cloud. Since they have a waterproof and slip-proof sole, she can also show them off while running errands.

    25. A lightweight wool lounge set because months ago, she saw Mindy Kaling rocking matching loungewear all over IG and ever since, she's been dying to try it.

    26. A pair of patterned palazzo pants she can pull on over any tank top or tee and look perfectly pulled together.

    27. A popcorn-knit cardigan for days when she wants to look pulled together, but also feel like she's wrapped up in a throw blanket. And who wouldn't want that?

    28. A Parachute Cloud Cotton robe that's amassed a cult following with its fluffy gauze construction and trendy color palette. If mom's muumuu has seen better days, give her an upgrade.

    29. A raglan tee — with striped sleeves, pocket detailing, and a lil' V-neck action — sure to please any mom whose closet is full of T-shirts, T-shirts, and oh, more T-shirts.