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    29 Affordable Pieces Of Furniture That Don't Look Like They Belong In A Dorm

    Affordable ways to freshen up your space ASAP. 🛋

    1. A canopy bed that'll make you feel like an absolute queen or king even if the only person waiting on you is your cat and it's because you're five minutes late feeding him dinner.

    The canopy bed in gold

    2. A trendy, oversized accent chair you can add to your master bedroom or even use as a replacement for a couch if you have a teensy tiny living room.

    The gray-cushioned chair with black metal legs

    3. A wall-mounted desk that might just convince you to stop working from bed. Sure, it doesn't have the benefit of six pillows and a duvet, but your spine won't be bent like a cheese curl and you can actually show your background on Zoom.

    The wall-mounted desk which has a work area and two shelves

    4. A cow print ottoman with two horns and four widdle legs. While it'd make a great nursery piece, I think I'd want it in the living room so if my cat jumped up it'd look like she was entering her first rodeo.

    The ottoman which has brown and white cow print, two horns, and four legs

    5. A glass-top dinner table that costs less than $100 saving you plenty of extra $$$ for takeout (support your local restaurants, guys!).

    A reviewer's photo of the glass-top table which has four wooden legs

    6. A custom room divider you can use to separate your studio in a way that doesn't feel like you eat, sleep, and watch TV in one singular room.

    A white room divider in pattern number six

    7. An hourglass accent stool that looks like it'd be right at home in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's all-white Calabasas mansion. (If they are really splitting I'm v curious who'll get to keep all the wabi-sabi pieces they've curated.)

    8. A brass linen tower you can pile high with bath sheets, washcloths, and face towels or use to display your 30-strong succulent collection.

    The brass shelving unit which has five glass shelves

    9. A faux-leather accent chair with a mid-century modern silhouette and vertical tufting that has no business looking that good considering the price.

    The caramel faux-leather chair which has four wooden legs and a high back

    10. A cubbie storage bench that sure beats kicking all your shoes into a closet or leaving them in a heap by the door.

    The three-cubbie bench which has a cushion on top

    11. A floating media stand with two tiers of storage space so you can keep your consoles and cables (and random junk mail you'll probably never go through) hidden from view.

    The vintage brown console which has three open shelves and a closed center compartment

    12. A retro storage cabinet you can use to hide the clutter all over your living room five minutes before a friend comes over.

    The pink storage unit which has six cubbies

    13. A set of upholstered dining chairs that are a whole lot more comfortable than folding chairs and camping chairs (though the built-in cupholder will be missed).

    A reviewer's photo of the chairs in yellow

    14. A carved side table just large enough to hold a lamp, your phone, a glass of water, and your current read. Yes, it's small, but that just means you'll have hold yourself accountable and take your trash to the bin instead of letting 15 cans of Coke pile up.

    The four-legged blue side table

    15. A tufted camel-colored loveseat that looks like you swiped it from your favorite hotel lobby. And did we mention you can snag this cutie even if you're working with a futon budget?!

    The camel-colored mid-century modern loveseat which has four wooden legs

    16. A retro bar cart/serving trolley you can use to show off your collection of fine crystal (read: extremely cute $2 glasses you found at a thrift store).

    The brass and wood bar cart which has an X design, two shelves, and four wheels

    17. A modern desk chair that won't put too much strain on your wallet or your back. I mean, just look at that cactus green faux velvet...

    The rolling task chair in cactus green

    18. A set of nesting side tables which offer ample room for your Seamless spread. (If you're not eating every meal in front of the TV, you're probably a better person than me.)

    A reviewer's photo of the circular nesting tables which have metal legs

    19. A steel and wood standing rack capable of replacing your "clothes" chair. Come onnnnn... we all have one.

    The black standing rack which has a wooden dowel

    20. A rustic-meets-industrial bed frame that doesn't need a box spring so you can save that extra coin! 👛

    The wood and metal bed frame

    21. A convertible sectional sofa with a reversible ottoman that makes it a great option for small spaces. Sure, you can probably get one cheaper on Craigslist but who knows what that couch has seen...

    A reviewer's photo of the grey couch with the ottoman placed on the right

    22. A three-tiered plant stand so you can put your babies on a pedestal (a gold and faux marble one, no less), just like they deserve.

    The three-tier plant stand

    23. A velvet storage ottoman with gold hairpin legs for daysssss. Flip over the lid and you'll find a wooden tray perfect for balancing drinks or your dinner.

    24. A square Moroccan pouf that works as an ottoman, coffee table, or extra seating. She's a true chameleon.

    The square leather pouf used as a coffee table

    25. A modern desk with enough room for your work supplies and — more importantly — your variety of snackie snacks.

    The walnut and white metal desk

    26. A nine-shelf book tree that'll call attention to all of your favorite titles whether you've already read them or just admired the cover.

    A reviewer's photo of the brown bookcase

    27. A geometric coffee table so you can finally throw away that large cardboard box you've been using as a stand-in.

    The black metal and cherrywood coffee table

    28. A six-drawer dresser you can leave as is or make it your own with some pulls, paint, and other finishing touches. If you need some inspiration, I've seen some pretty incredible DIYS (with this exact piece) on TikTok!

    The six-drawer dresser in pine

    29. And, if your best lil' bud could use some furniture of their own (don't think, just nod), a handmade hammock sized just right.

    The cat hammock in tan

    Goodbye cat-scratched sofa and bookcase held together by duct tape!

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