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    25 Stylish And Surprisingly Comfy Sandals To Buy Before Summer Ends

    No blisters, no problem.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. Croc platforms that *may* just be cute enough to convert the Never Croc-er™ amongst us. Don't even try telling me you would know these were Crocs if you saw someone strutting down the street in them...

    2. Simple leather slides if you're the type of person who gets incredibly impatient when piecing together an outfit. Idk your style or what you usually wear, but throw these on when there's T-minus 60 seconds till it's time to walk out the door!

    3. Strappy flip-flops for those ready to graduate from Old Navy $1 flip-flops and onto something bigger and better (read: more durable). Baby steps, grasshopper, baby steps.

    4. Everlane leather platforms that'll give you a 1.75-inch boost so you actually match the height you listed on your license. 👀

    5. Lace-up, ankle wrap sandals if your day-to-day style could be mistaken for a Megara cosplay.

    6. Classic Sam Edelman thongs I'm certain you'll be wearing for years since they won't ever go out of style and — according to reviewers — they seemingly have the lifespan of a blue and yellow macaw. (That's ~100 years if you didn't get that fact on your last Snapple cap.)

    the thong sandals in seven different colors

    7. Platform gladiator Dr. Martens with the brand's signature air-cushioned sole so you can stomp down city streets without having your arches punished by unforgiving cement.

    8. Nisolo open-toe clogs outfitted with shock-absorbing memory foam insoles so plush, you won't feel like you're walking on literal wooden blocks.

    9. Colorful huaraches with embroidered flowers and a closed-toe design if your monthly pedicure has fallen off the cal lately.

    10. Or handmade braided huaraches if you're prone to toe sweats and are looking for maximum breeze-age.

    11. Reviewer-loved flatforms that are *so* comfortable and cute, people just keep returning to buy more colors. Luckily, there are 68 to choose from, so they won't soon run out.

    12. Studded Steve Madden gladiators if you're the type of person who believes one can *never* over-accessorize. And just to prove it, you'll pair these with an anklet, too. 💁🏼‍♀️

    13. Handmade strappy sandals with no buckles, ties, or zippers to rub your feet the wrong way. Instead, they have genuine leather straps that will give to the shape of your foot over time.

    a model wearing the strappy sandals in nude

    14. Strappy slides that look ~designer~ but don't come with the "oh my god, what did I just do??" price tag.

    15. Cross-strap Keens with a leather-wrapped high-rebound midsole that also does an A+ job resisting stains and wear.

    16. H-shaped flat sandals so simple, you can wear them every day no matter what's on your itinerary, be it poolside margaritas or finally renewing your passport.

    17. Lightweight, cushioned espadrille wedges sure to ~elevate~ your look and mood since your feet will be nice and comfy, no matter how many miles you're walking!

    18. Heeled Toms sandals with the same comfort level as the brand's iconic canvas slip-ons. Don't ask me how that's possible because I'm no shoe scientist (or engineer? if that's more applicable?), but the reviewers have spoken.

    a model wearing the sandals in beige

    19. Croc embossed leather slides that'll make you feel like a boss in that they look like something a CEO would wear *and* no one will catch you applying any Band-Aids.

    20. Buckled block heels that will have others saying "wow!" and your fantastically supported arches saying "oh, you BEST believe."

    21. Handwoven Plaka sandals with stretch-to-fit nylon straps sure to be your foot's BFF — not nemesis.

    a reviewer wearing the sandals in black

    22. Aerosoles platforms engineered with a diamond-patterned sole that "disperses friction away from the foot" so you can be as carefree and unencumbered as a snake itself. Just think — they've never had to wear shoes in their life!!

    side view of the snakeskin sandals

    23. Braided gladiators that are 100% adjustable so if your calves seemingly shape-shift throughout the day, you can loosen or tighten as necessary.

    24. T-strap wedges with an itty bitty stacked heel that gives you *just* the right boost and no crippling arch pain.

    25. And elastic-strap low wedges with straps so soft and stretchy, reviewers say they're even comfortable if you have super arched feet and/or bunions.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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