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    36 Splurge-Worthy Things Reviewers Have Literally Called "Amazing"

    Eye on the prize (not price) 👀

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Dyson Outsize cordless vacuum if you've got a wholeeeee lotta carpet and pets who shed an aggressive amount. Idk about you, but I can't ~fully~ relax without clean floors.

    Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed

    What's included: High torque XL cleaner head, hair screw tool, crevice tool, stubborn dirt brush, mini soft dusting brush, combination tool, wand clip, docking station, two chargers, and two batteries.

    Promising review: "I recently bought this and it has been amazing! This is my third Dyson and I really enjoy that the base is larger than the last so I can cover more area at once. I have a German Shepherd and a kitty so this vacuum kills the fur!" —Hayley

    I've personally had this baby for a few weeks now and it is incredible. When I tell you it pulls up a startling amount of cat fur and dust from my area rugs, I mean a STARTLING amount. I have an inexpensive robo vacuum that I used to rely on to clean them but who knew so much more was hiding in there!!! I LOVE that the Dyson Oversize comes with two batteries because I am terrible about charging things. I am also just so dang impressed with the pure amount of power this thing has and the fact that it swivels so smoothly! I can get it into corners and under my couch and coffee table without any extra effort. Ofc, the various cleaning tools are also super helpful and the fact that they're so easy to attach/detach. TBH I didn't read the directions and figured everything out myself — that's how intuitive it is.

    Get it from Amazon or Dyson for $799.99.

    2. An acrylic Squatty Potty designed to unkink your colon and help ya go, you know? Praise is so high for this bebe that one reviewer even said "If Elvis had a Squatty Potty he would be with us today."

    the clear Squatty Potty in front of a toilet

    Promising review: "I'm pleasantly surprised that I love everything about this! It's extremely durable, easy to clean, well made, and of high quality material. I love that the clear lucite allows it to disappear into the background, so it's not an eyesore. As for its functionality, it's amazing and far surpassed my expectations. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made for myself and my only regret is not buying it sooner. You don't know what you're missing until you try it. It's super awkward to talk about, but this just positions your body to have the easiest and more complete bowel movements. This has increased my overall feeling of health and well-being, and puts me in a better mood. I've noticed enough of a difference that I actually miss it when I'm away on vacation or at the cottage. People will say its gimmicky and I had my doubts but this has quickly become a need and not a want for me. Worth every penny!" —asianangel100303

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

    3. A theater-worthy projector so you can binge-watch every iteration of Say Yes To The Dress just as the gods intended — in 1080p on a bare white wall in your NYC apartment.,

    If you're trying to figure out if this could be a fit for your space, let me give you a few more specs. The projection size ranges from 35 to 300 inches and can be placed at a distance of four to 25 feet. It's also compatible with TV boxes, smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, etc. and has two HDMI, two USB, and one AV, TF, and VGA port.

    Promising review: "Not your average projector! This thing is awesome. We used this outside for movie night by the pool. You can see the picture quality is nothing short of amazing. The picture is just projecting onto my stucco wall and still looks great. I don't have any special outdoor screen. Let's not forget the sound quality. You can hear in the video just how clean it sounds. If you want some bass behind it, you can always Bluetooth it to a larger speaker. It also has its own speaker control for the volume in addition to the Chromecast volume (Chromecast was not included FYI). This is a great projector to use indoors or out. Can't wait for more summer movie nights. Next up Jaws while chillin on the water... Ekkk." —vegasmom

    Get it from Amazon for $199.99.

    4. A pair of Apple AirPods Pro ready to play hours and hours of whatever playlist you're currently digging. The accompanying charging case delivers 24 full hours of playtime, or — if your mind works like mine — enough juice to play the entirety of Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia 38 times.

    Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Best earbuds I’ve ever purchased. For years I wanted wireless noice canceling earbuds after using the Beats Studios and Bose QC lines. Being an iPhone, user I always saw the appeal of AirPods but never could use them due to them not fitting my ear correctly and always falling out. As soon as I saw the design of the AirPods Pro, I instantly came to Amazon and ordered them. If you’re at all contemplating ordering these I 100% recommend them. The noice cancelling is slightly above average and the transparency mode is extremely useful on the go or whenever you need to hear your surroundings with your music. Amazing product definitely worth the steep price." —Corey P.

    And here's more from BuzzFeed shopping editor Emma Lord: "I have a pair of these, and they're not playing around. Once they're securely in your ear, you can toggle the headphones between noise-cancelling and regular sound, depending on your situation. I've been working from home, and the noise-cancelling is so effective that I can work next to a window where my neighbor is doing heavy construction and I don't hear anything louder than a faint buzzing. It's quieter than if I'd just plugged my ears with my own fingers. I'm also a runner, and these don't budge when you're sweating, which is nice. It's also handy that these toggle out of noise cancellation mode, because I feel better being able to hear traffic and other people around me when I'm out and about. The TL;DR is I love these so much I have zero interest in owning another pair of headphones for as long as I live."

    Get them from Amazon for $197.

    5. A Versace eau de parfum that will have you sniffing your wrists all day long — and I say this as someone who does just that.

    a buzzfeeder's pink bottle of perfume
    Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "OMG!! I couldn’t love a perfume anymore than I love this one! My daughter has the Versace Bright Crystal and when I first smelled that one I loved it... but then I smelled the Absolu and was hooked! It has amazing staying power. I love the fruity smell with a hint of floral. By far my new favorite perfume!!" —SteelerGirl75

    I have never been a fancy perfume person but my friend (hi, Sam!) introduced me to this and OMG I am obsessed. It has a subtle but intoxicating fruity floral scent (according to Versace, there are notes of yuzu lemon, raspberry, and amber) and it lasts ALL DAY LONG. I spritz a lil' on my wrists and then pat some into my neck and I have to say...I smell delicious.

    Get it from Sephora for $30+ (available in four sizes).

    6. A set of wearable weights for those super busy days when you're not sure you can fit in a whole workout. What you can do, though, is slip these on while sweeping, vacuuming, or finally folding your laundry.

    Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "AMAZING. I am a teacher and LOVE wearing them throughout the day at school." —Clark Hayden

    Here's more from BuzzFeed shopping editor Rebecca O'Connell: "Bala is a woman-owned business that sells various pretty exercise equipment. I have these bands and love 'em! They have super strong loop and hook tape so you can strap them on tight (no sliding weights while punching, lifting, running, jumping, etc.). Best of all, they're just really, really pretty!"

    Get them from Amazon for $49 (available in five colors).

    7. A cheery Olive and June summer box with everything you need for seasonally-appropriate manis and pedis all summer long.

    Olive and June

    What's included: Mani-perfecting clean up brush, acetone-free polish remover pot, straight-edge nail clipper, dual-grit nail file, salon-quality nail buffer, patented bottle handle, super glossy top coat, cuticle serum, and long-lasting cherry crush, hot strawberry, orange wedge, lemony lemon, lime fizz, blueberry smash, and grape soda polishes.

    Promising review: "My nails look amazing! I just don’t have time to go to a salon these days. This system was perfect for me because I could use it, as I needed it, at home. I am finally able to paint my non-dominant hand without making a huge mess." —Tiffany S.

    Get it from Olive and June for $90.

    8. A Hatch white noise machine so you can be lulled to sleep by the calming sound of a crackling fire or pitter patter of rain on a window instead of the cacophony of car horns, fireworks, and backyard BBQs that are *actually* going on outside your home.

    the alarm clock/night light on a reviewer's nightstand

    The white noise machine offers so much more, too. It also has sunrise/sunset features to help you rise and shine naturally instead of to the blare of an alarm and you can control everything right from your phone. You can personalize and automate your routine as well as fire up sleep stories and meditations with your included free trial of Hatch Premium.

    Promising review: "The Hatch Restore is an amazing product that has been able to keep me asleep through the whole night. Over the past month or so, I have had trouble sleeping and this product has really allowed me to get back on track and create a solid routine. One of my favorite features is the wide variety of guided meditations they have to offer. I have found that these truly allow my mind to unwind before bed for an overall better night's rest. This is an overall great product with an intuitive and easy-to-use app. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has been struggling with their sleep." —Jen

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99.

    9. A Foreo sonic skin cleansing device that'll clean out your pores so well, your skin will basically revert back to the level of softness it had the day you were born.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This is my 21st-century discovery! It is an amazing product that everyone should add to their skincare routine! My skin has never been this squeaky clean! I love it! You charge it once and it can last you six to eight months. So easy to use and to clean. Just leave it in the shower. The size is perfect for me but I'm thinking I'd love to try a regular size one just to see if it fits better in hand. I absolutely love my mini Luna Foreo!" —Mersiha

    Get it from Amazon for $108.83+ (available in six colors).

    PS: Read all of BuzzFeed shopping editor Maitland Quitmeyer's review of the Foreo Luna here.

    10. A bottle of Jot coffee concentrate if you're a person who ~exclusively~ drinks cold brew. Just pour 1 tablespoon over ice and add eight ounces of water for a super smooth cup of joe.


    Jot's Ultra Coffee not only tastes incredible, but it's also more eco-friendly than regular ol' concentrate as every batch is made *only* from Fair Trade coffee beans and the leftover grounds are composted. Each 6.8-ounce bottles makes 14 cups of coffee, so $24 gets you two full weeks of caffeine.

    PS: Try it over ice cream for a super simple affogato!

    Promising review: "I have never really been a coffee person and found the whole process pretty laborious. But being able to make an amazing cup of coffee with just some hot water has changed all of that. Highly recommend!" —Vince M.

    More from BuzzFeed shopping writer Mallory Mower: "I am rather certain that there is more Jot than blood in me by this point. After discovering how delicious this stuff is, I totally dropped my expensive cafe habits and have stuck to this for my daily cup of coffee. It has a rich taste, is wildly easy to make (just pour a tablespoon into 8 ounces of your favorite base), and the SEXY bottle even makes the inside of my fridge look nice."

    Get it from Jot for $24.

    11. Or, if you prefer to make your own brew, a burr coffee grinder with 40 different grind settings which, if you ask my coffee snob boyfriend, are ESSENTIAL for getting the perfect at-home cup. Espresso, cold brew, French press... you can do it all with this guy.

    Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed,

    I bought this for my BF a year or two ago and honestly, I think I'm the third wheel now. He uses it every morning and it's like a religious experience. He weighs his beans, pours them in, grinds, and still oohs and awws over his coffee. He is the literal human embodiment of those T-shirts that say "Don't talk to me before I've had my morning coffee!" so I don't take his review lightly.

    Promising review: "Bought this grinder for myself and the fancier one for my boss. Amazing machine. I have worked in the coffee industry ( I know, who hasn’t) and this produces the same range of grinds, just as consistently. I use this machine every single day with great results. Better than any home grinder I have had in the past because of the low RPMs it doesn’t make your grinds static-cling to the container." —Michael

    Get it from Amazon for $159 (available in two colors).

    12. A pair of Girlfriend Collective leggings with four-way stretch compression fabric that will basically become a second skin. Add a matching bra and Instagram will just go ahead and start your influencer account for you — turns out that's how it works. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Girlfriend Collective

    They're also an eco-friendly pick as each pair of leggings is made from 25 recycled water bottles.

    Promising review (for the leggings): "Quality is AMAZING. Love these leggings! I'm on my second pair, the first one finally wore out four years after purchase. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair. The quality is just unbeatable." —Amy L.

    Get them from Girlfriend Collective: the leggings for $68 and the bra for $38+ (both available in sizes XXS–6XL and in 13 colors).

    13. An ornate Anthropologie mirror so pretty, you'll not only take copious selfies with it, but also a slew of photos of it.


    Promising review: "I had this mirror in the back of my mind for years until I decided to finally get it. It is even more beautiful in person for sure. The look of my house changed completely, it is a show stopper, I cant even tell you all the amazing things other that IT IS WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY." —Anthropologie Reviewer

    Get it from Anthropologie for $498+ (available in four sizes and three finishes).

    14. A Revolution smart toaster if you — like me — live off of bagels, English muffins, PopTarts, and frozen waffles.,

    The high-tech touchscreen toaster works 35% faster than traditional units and it has 60+ toasting algorithms based on what you're making and what level of doneness you're after. When it's not in use, it also functions as a sleek digital clock.

    Promising review: "Wow! Received this toaster as a gift. It is amazing. Have tried toast, frozen waffles, English muffins, store-bought bagels, and frozen regular bread. Everything has come out perfectly. And FAST! Looks great, too! When not in use, it displays the time and date in analog or digital. Love this toaster! Update: Been using this toaster daily, and it has been perfect! Even displays a reminder to clean the crumb tray! Love this Revolution!" —BayDrive

    Get it from Amazon for $299.95.

    15. A Quip electric toothbrush that vibrates for a full two minutes — AKA *just* enough time to hum the entirety of My Shiny Teeth and Me by Chip Skylark. 🦷

    Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed, Quip

    Promising review: "Amazing. My teeth have never felt so clean. It feels like you're getting a personal dental cleaning every time." —Nicole M.

    I have never been an electric toothbrush person but Quip has swayed me. I like how sleek and small it is and the fact that I don't have to plug it into anything or take up extra counter space. Best of all, though, is the built-in two-minute timer which buzzes every 30 seconds to let me know it's time to brush a different part of my mouth. Before, when I used a regular ol' bamboo toothbrush, I really thought I was getting in a full two minutes but boy was I wrong 😬I can *definitely* tell a difference in how clean my teeth feel after using Quip.

    Get it from Quip for $40 (originally $45; available in four metallic finishes).

    16. An Article Timber sofa with buttery soft cushions that will make you debate getting into an argument with your S.O. so you can sleep on the couch for a night.

    Article, Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "The sofa is absolutely amazing, and so comfortable we are looking forward to buying more items from this place to finish setting up our new home! My husband is a little over six feet and can lay across it and I can lay with him and not be falling off the edge." —Brandy F.

    Just have to weigh in here and say this is my single most prized possession. I have lots of friends who are in love with the Sven — and I'm sure it's also great — but I'm SO happy I went with the Timber. The leather is so, so soft and it's definitely one of those couches you just sink into. It's also really long. I'm 5'6" (and a half!) and can easily sprawl out with inches to spare at my head and feet.

    If you're a pet owner, listen up! I was fearful to make such an investment when I had literally just adopted two kittens (one of the little devils is pictured above) but it couldn't be a better pick. Our first week with the couch, they seriously scratched up one of the cushions and I was *this* close to a breakdown. Flash forward a week, though, and after sitting on the couch like usual, all of the scratches were buffed out and no marks were left behind!! That is seriously the single best thing about this couch. Any marks, stains, or scratches eventually fade and add to the patina.

    Get it from Article for $1,899.

    17. An Obé fitness subscription that'll make it easier to get your sweat on. I've saved like 100+ TikTok workouts, but have I ever scrolled back to actually use them? (::whispers:: No.) This is much more efficient!

    Six instructors in athletic wear smiling and posing together
    @obe_fitness / Via

    Promising review: ""The community that obé has created is amazing…you start to connect with other people, and have this support system encouraging you to keep showing up." —obé reviewer

    BuzzFeed shopping editor Melanie Aman is also a fan saying: "At this point, I've taken almost 200 obé classes in the last year and a bit, and cannot say enough good things about it. You can take live classes, which has the same vibe and energy of an IRL workout class, or peruse obé's library of thousands of workout videos if you don't like the live class. There's something for everyone: yoga, hiit, weights, pilates, dance, boxing, barre, meditation, stretching, and more! Classes range from 5 to 60 minutes so you can find a workout that fits with your free time. All in all, obé has helped me enjoy exercising again, and the daily movement has done wonders for my mental health during such a weird time."

    Get a subscription from Obé for $27 a month, $65 a quarter, or $199 a year.

    18. A self-cleaning Litter-Robot because as much as I love my cats, there are few household chores I loathe more than scooping their poop. Even worse, the little devils seem to enjoy watching me do it.


    The Wi-Fi-enabled box self cleans, reduces litter usage up to 50%, manages odors with a carbon-filtered waste drawer, and settings can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. You can lock the buttons on the actual box so your cat doesn't mess with them; you can set a 3-, 7-, or 15-minute delay before the unit cycles (after your cat has used the box); and it'll notify you when the waste drawer needs to be manually emptied. Otherwise, just set it and forget it.

    Promising review: "Buy one! They're amazing! Omg I love this thing, first, I was totally afraid of putting it together. YOU DON'T HAVE TO!! You pull it out of the box and it’s totally ready to go!!! Super easy to start up. Then this thing has changed my life. I can’t believe all I have to do is take the little bag out and refill the litter sometimes. It’s so easy. I don’t even think about it. It tells me when to change it and I change it and that’s it. I love this thing and am so happy with my purchase. Also one of my cats is super obsessed with watching it. He gets so much entertainment out of it. Win win." —Jessica S.

    Get it from Litter-Robot for $499 (available in two colors).

    19. A Blueland cleaning kit with all the essentials — AKA bottles and tablets — that allow you to whip up your own multi-surface, glass + mirror, and bathroom cleaners as well as foaming hand soap. Once you run out, just re-up on tablets and you're good to go.

    The Clean Essentials kit which comes with three spray bottles, one hand soap pump, and four cleaning tablets

    What's included: Three reusable cleaning bottles, one reusable foaming hand soap bottle, and four tablets (multi-surface, glass + mirror, bathroom, foaming hand soap).

    Blueland is a woman- and minority-founded brand from Sarah Paiji Yoo. She came up with the idea after her son was born and she realized just how much plastic waste is generated from everyday items like cleaners.

    Promising review: "LOVE the kit — especially the hand soap. It smells AMAZING and I ordered extra tabs so I could fill all the empty soap dispensers in my house! My family wants to see more products with that iris agave scent!" —Jessica

    I recently bought this kit after thinking about it for 6+ months and I am OBsessed. You just fill the bottles with warm water (there's a designated line), pop in a tablet, and let it dissolve. It's seriously that simple. I immediately tested everything out to see how it holds up against my usual products (Mrs. Meyer's, Clorox, and Windex) and I was really pleased with the results. The most exciting thing though is how affordable it is to refresh your stock. The more tablets you buy the cheaper they are — you can get a nine-tablet refill for just $14!! If I were to buy nine new bottles of cleaner from my NYC bodega or grocery store, that'd at LEAST $45!

    Get it from Blueland for $39 (or $35 with Subscribe & Save).

    20. A Bearaby weighted blanket that looks like it was knit with needles the size of those jumbo novelty pencils we all clamored over in elementary school.

    The white cotton knit blanket on a sofa

    Pro tip: For the most therapeutic effect (increased melatonin, decreased cortisol, and less stress/anxiety), go for a blanket that is roughly 10% of your body weight. It doesn't hurt to go heavier, but it does take some time to get used to, so give it a few days!

    Promising review: "I could not be more happy with my Bearaby Napper! The total body relaxation and relief is amazing! I had lower back pain waking in the morning but not anymore!" —Jennifer S.

    And more love from BuzzFeed shopping editor Maitland Quitmeyer: "I have this in the cooling version (in the color 'avocado') and let's just say I've used it quite a bit in recent times. The large knit style is super chic, and the organic cotton is breathable (and there's nothing in it to create the weight *other* than cotton, so no uncomfy glass beads). I *love* it, and it's actually extremely cute, looking like a regular old fancy blanket! It's heavy, but still I take it from bed to couch and back to bed all the time as I WFH. It doesn't overheat on the couch (thanks to the fabric and the 'holes' in the large knit), but provides a pleasant weight as I watch TV or work. And when it's layered over my duvet, it keeps me extra cozy and warm."

    Get it from Bearaby for $249+ (available in three weights and nine colors).

    21. A gamified core trainer so you don't have to go outside, but do get to pretend you're soaring through space or hang-gliding over a distant countryside.

    Models showing how you tilt and twist on the trainer following the game on a smartphone

    Place your phone in the designated spot, choose your preferred game (four are included in the Stealth Fitness app), and then prop your arms on the padded surface. Planking for three minutes is never any fun but this helps you forget what you're doing as you tilt and twist your way through challenges.

    Promising review: "I just bought the Stealth. It is amazing!! I don’t have a ton of time to work out. So I bought this and put it in my bedroom. Quick and easy to use in the morning and at night. The app makes it seem like a game so you don’t realize how long you are actually working your core. Great product." —Christopher Waldman

    Get it from Amazon for $179.

    22. A Slip silk pillowcase that will prevent you from flipping and re-flipping your pillow in a desperate bid to chase the cool side.

    A model holding the pillowcase in pink marble

    Promising review: "I resisted buying this because of the cost. I finally caved after bleach was left on my to long and broke off. This pillowcase is worth every penny! I have absolutely no hair breakage when I wake up. It’s amazing." —Holly

    I've actually been sleeping on one of these babies for a few weeks now and it's definitely made for a more restful night. I have seen slight changes in my skin and hair (particularly the latter — it's been much silkier and was even commented on by my stylist) but honestly, the best part is how cool and crisp it is. As my boyfriend says, "The entire thing is like the cool side of the pillow."

    Get it from Amazon for $89+ (available in two sizes and 12 colors).

    23. An easy-to-install Tushy bidet which will save you serious $$$ on toilet paper and have you feeling clean as a whistle (whatever that means).


    The — dare we say it — sleek attachment requires no electrical or plumbing work to install and you can have it up and running in 10 minutes or less. It fits on round, oval, and elongated toilets, too, so you shouldn't have any issue.

    Promising review: "Amazing product. I'm in the top .01% of clean butts on the East Coast thanks to you." —Doug C.

    BuzzFeed shopping editor Kayla Suazo is nothing short of obsessed saying: "When I say that this has changed my life, I mean it. Truly, my boyfriend and I should be the next spokesperson for Tushy, because we've RAVED about it to anyone who is wiling to listen us talk about our butts. The amount of toilet paper we've saved since we started using this just a couple months ago...unfathomable. Not only is it great for the environment, it's great for the bum, too. No more harsh wiping and going through 15 sheets of paper just to feel clean. This actually makes you feel clean, like you took a shower without the hassle of, you know, taking an entire shower. EVERY TOILET NEEDS THIS!"

    Get it from Tushy for $109 (originally $129; available in seven color combinations).

    24. A mini Theragun that'll beat the ish out of your muscles but in an extremely therapeutic manner! The portable device can run for 150 minutes and it has three speeds depending on how deep of a massage you're in the mood for.

    The device, a bag, and two tubes of product

    Promising review: "I am pleasantly surprised (one might say shocked) by how well this little device does its job. I’ve been doing a lot of hiking in the past few months, and have unfortunately come to the conclusion that my muscle recovery time isn’t what it used to be. The Theragun Mini has been amazing for post-hike wind-down, and I don’t feel the icky next day soreness nearly as much anymore. I haven’t tried percussive massagers but can say that the intensity and benefits are easily comparable to a regular in-person massage session. It's easy to hold/handle. Battery time is more than acceptable —it takes about an hour to fully charge, which gives about two hours of runtime. It's very quiet for how powerful it is. it’s high-pitched and kind of sounds like an electric toothbrush. It’s also really portable and comes with a soft protective case that I’ve also been storing it in. This is definitely a good introductory device into the world of percussive massagers. It has changed my well-being for the better." —Olga

    And more from BuzzFeed writer Christine Forbes: "This massager is everything I never knew I needed. I can feel it shaking every drop of tension out of my body. It's great. I only use this for about a minute on every muscle group, but it still makes a difference. Plus, the size makes it easy to store and carry."

    Get it from Amazon for $199 (available in three colors).

    25. A cult-favorite Fellow electric kettle for those who obsess (and I mean obsess) over their at-home brews. A dial allows you to adjust the temperature by individual degrees and a hold button means you can keep your water at the perfect temp once it's done.

    The kettle in pink and maple

    The design features a fluted, no-drip spout and a degree dial that allows you to set the temperature between 135 degrees F and 212 degrees F and even hold it there for a full hour.

    Promising review: "We waffled about getting this kettle. Surely the cheapie electric one we had would do the trick for amateur pour-over enthusiasts? No. Wrong. This is superior in every aspect. The temperature holding feature is amazing — no more heating up the water, forgetting you started, and having to heat it up again. Definitely more consistent in temperature, creating more consistent cups of coffee." —Emily A.

    Get it from Amazon for $149+ or Fellow for $169 (available in seven colors)

    26. A creamy deep conditioner that works on all hair types, but was really developed with curly and textured hair in mind! Australian Kakadu plum + starflower oil join forces to create a superrrr hydrating, but super lightweight formula.

    Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Amazing product! Fantastic! I appreciate the fact that its bigger than the shampoo, since I have a tendency to go through conditioner quite quickly, and I think this maximizes my use because 1) the size and 2) its so effective that you don't need to use a lot of it. The texture is marshmallow-y and it smells amazing (Froot Lops?). It isn't offensively strong either, and lingers pleasantly." —Irina G.

    And more from BuzzFeed shopping editor Kayla Boyd who is pictured above! "Bread Beauty Supply is an Australia-based, woman-owned business that was founded by Maeva Heim in 2020. This product works best for hair types 3a–4c. I recently started using Bread products and I really love how lightweight and easy they are to use. Since I have mixed textured hair that's been frequently dyed, it tends to get very dry. After using this deep conditioner my hair felt so much better and softer. In addition to that, the smell is A-MA-ZING. Definitely one of my new favorite wash day products."

    Get it from Bread Beauty Supply for $28.

    27. A stonewashed linen duvet with fresh, spring-y stripes that'll have you throwing open your windows, grabbing that book you've been excited to read, and plopping down on top of the covers (in your *indoor* clothes, obvs) for a nice lil' R&R sesh.

    Piglet, Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Amazing, great quality linen and the color is really nice, too." —CL

    I just got this duvet about a month ago and it's SO great for spring. It's got a great medium weight to it so it's breathable but also does keep me cozy if there's a breeze. My bedroom is a mishmash of mid-century modern/bohemian/transitional style and it really compliments all of my existing pieces from a tasseled Persian rug to my cat-shaped antique end table. I especially appreciate that there are ties so I can secure my duvet insert inside because there is nothing worse than waking up to your duvet in a ball.

    Get it from Piglet for $249+ (available in Full/Queen–King/California King and in 11 colors/patterns).

    28. An Our Place Always Pan that can do just about everything and eliminate a few extra dishes in the process. If it could wash itself, there'd truly be no stopping it.

    The blue salt pan and nesting beechwood spatula
    Our Place

    What's included: A nesting beechwood spatula with an integrated spoon rest and custom stainless-steel steamer basket.

    The Always Pan can replace your tired fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, nonstick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. If that isn't worth a little extra dough, I'm not sure what is.

    Promising review: "Love my Always Pan! I keep it right on my stovetop for easy cooking access. I use it for literally everything. It cooks evenly, the non-stick is amazing, and it is super easy to clean! Love the spatula that comes with it too! Will definitely be buying another one in the future!" —Kaylani N.

    More from BuzzFeed shopping editor Rebecca O'Connell: "I have and love this pan! It just feels really nice to hold. The nesting spoon is absolutely genius, everything cooks evenly, and food just glides right off with minimal effort. If you hate scrubbing, consider getting this!"

    Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in seven colors).

    29. A spa-esque towel warmer for those who LIVE for taking fresh linens out of the dryer and then immediately cocooning in them. This is honestly the thing I miss most about not having laundry in my building.

    A model pulling a towel out of the silver towel warmer

    The towel warmer has four timer settings (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes) and an auto shutoff feature. It can fit two large towels.

    Promising review: "This does an awesome job of keeping up to two bath sheet sized towels warm. Several time settings. This is awesome to get out of the shower and have. I won’t go back to not having heated towels — it’s amazing!" —Anne Bowman

    Get it from Amazon for $139.99.

    30. A Buffy Cloud comforter so supremely comfortable, you'd debate trading your first-born child for just a few more minutes in bed.

    the white comforter on a bed

    The Cloud is a great pick for eco-conscious shoppers, too. Each comforter is make with Earth-friendly eucalyptus and ~50 recycled plastic bottles. Buffy also rounds out their responsible business practices by encouraging customers to donate returns (instead of shipping them back) and offsetting all CO2 emissions that are generated from their shipments.

    Promising review: "Amazing!! I prefer this over the ones at hotels!" —Blake J.

    Get it from Buffy for $129+ (available in sizes twin/twin XL–king/Cal king).

    31. A three-tier Open Spaces shoe rack with more personality than some people I've met. (If we've met, just assume this isn't about you, okay?) But in seriousness, it offers ample space for all of the kicks that have been littering your bedroom floor.

    The navy shoe rack which has a handle on top
    Open Spaces

    Promising review: "The design was incredible. Packaged well, 'smart' construction and so far amazing quality." —Willem D.

    Get it from Open Spaces for $138 (available in two colors).

    32. A Samsung Frame TV you can quickly switch to a piece of renaissance art before your S.O. figures out you were Netflix cheating.

    A BuzzFeed editor's TV hung alongside art
    Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Absolutely stunning TV. The picture quality is amazing. The thinness of the TV is great as it legit looks like it is a picture frame. Everyone can’t believe that it’s a television. It was easy to set up and use. Love that I can control it with my phone as the TV has its own remote app. I don’t have to even use a remote. Alexa voice operation also means I can be in kitchen and ask Alexa to change channels or play music. With its mirror function, I can use it as a second computer, too. It does so much. I love the one wire connection for everything. Definitely recommend this TV." —Amazon Reviewer

    BuzzFeed writer Mallory Mower has one and says: "This is honest and truly the best splurge I have ever made. It has massively upgraded the look in my living room. My husband loves the photography options and I love all the classical paintings – as someone who loves changing up my decor, being able to update the display images has been so fun. The quality is fantastic while watching movies and TV...but I'm pretty sure I love it as a piece of art in my home even more."

    Get it from Amazon for $597.99+ (available in six sizes, six styles, and with or without expert installation).

    33. A Roomba i7+ so smart, it empties itself and sends you a report of what exactly it cleaned! No more spending your Sundays cleaning every square inch of your home! Now, you can sit back and watch this gadget do all of the work.,

    The i7 packs a three-stage cleaning system and 10x suction into its tiny body and that's not even the best part. Once it fills up on pet hair, dust, dirt, and chip crumbs, it'll drive itself to its base and empty itself before heading back out for seconds! Plus, depending on how often you use it, you can go 60 or so days before having to manually empty it. With Smart Mapping, the Roomba also knows every inch of your house. So if your cat decides to go ham on a houseplant and get leaves all over the place, you can tell it (via the app or your smart home hub) "Roomba, clean the living room."

    Promising review: "This little guy, I named mine 'Robbie,' is amazing! The bot is easy to set up to your smartphone, just have your password to your internet before you begin. This bot will save you hours of your precious time! The bot gets under any piece if furniture with a four-inch clearance. If the bot has the total circumference to get under, it gets totally next to the legs with its arm brush. I have one cat, and there isn’t any cat hair on my floors. I like to use the bot once a week everywhere and program it to do high traffic areas daily. My home is 3,000 square feet and it took the bot three days to map our space. Once the map is done, it allows you to name your rooms. It has vertical and horizontal lines running through the map, just touch the highlighted lines and delete or add. I broke up my map into sections and numbered them instead of naming them. I have eight sections and programmed the bot to clean two sections a day and it takes about 1.5 hours to vacuum." —L M

    Get it from Amazon for $599 (available in four configurations).

    34. A Casper pillow because you haven't replaced yours in ohhh, three or four years? If they have sweat marks and unexplained stains... they're a lost cause, boo.

    The white pillow next to some of the microfiber filling

    The popular, anti-clumping pillow features a cotton cover with a breathable percale weave that allows for ample airflow. It's also removable, so you can throw it in the wash whenever it needs a refresh.

    Promising review: "My husband and I gave these to each other for Christmas. I have a lot of neck problems and he just doesn't always sleep well. These pillows are amazing, we both sleep so much better. I cannot believe how it has relieved me from waking up with a crick in my neck. I sleep deeper and I love the way this cradles my head but supports my neck. We didn't buy sooner because of the cost, but it is worth every penny!" —Connie Lovell

    Get it from Amazon for $54.88+ (available in two sizes and packs of one or two).

    35. An iconic Le Creuset Dutch oven which one reviewer calls "the Bentley of cookware" and I'm not about to dispute that...

    Two Dutch ovens in deep teal
    Le Creuset

    Promising review: "I'm not much of a brand snob but I do love me some Le Creuset! This pot is amazing! I use it almost every day for a variety of things. I love that it is dishwasher safe and the inside doesn't stain. Only negative is that the handles do get very hot after cooking but Le Creuset does sell silicone sleeves to put on the handles. Recommend for a family size of two to four. I would recommend a larger quart size for any large batches of soups as this guy is a tad too small." —Meagan

    Get it from Amazon for $289.95+ (available in 10 colors)

    36. And a pillow-top mattress pad you can sink into like you're in a slow-mo mattress commercial. Just don't go trying to balance a glass of red wine on it, okay?,

    The breathable, deep-pocket topper hugs your mattress like a fitted sheet, so you don't have to worry about it popping off in the middle of the night. Plus — major plus — it's machine washable, so you don't have to drag it to the dry cleaner's.

    Promising review: "Whoaaa this thing is amazing. I have a very expensive, firm mattress, that I bought when I was younger. The mattress is still in good shape so I didn’t want to get rid of it. The firm thing just wasn’t working for me anymore. I had a foam mat but it still was too hard. So I got this, put this over the foam mat and it’s like a new mattress. I slept like a rock last night. Haven’t slept that good in a long time. I also like that it’s attached to the mattress pad, so it’s not sliding al over. It slept very cool, I’m assuming that’s because is cotton. Highly recommend if you’re looking to fix a mattress and not have to spend money on a new one." —Julie

    Get it from Amazon for $69.90+ (available in sizes twin–California king).

    Repeat after me:

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