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    29 Splurge-Worthy Products That Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter

    Get ready to hear a whole lot about hyaluronic acid 💦

    1. A vegan Youth to the People mask with four ultra-hydrating ingredients: squalane, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and betaine. PLUS maqui and prickly pear — two super fruits that fend off free radicals and eliminate redness.

    The 2-ounce mask container which shows the formula is yellow

    2. A three-step customizable Buttah Skin set specially formulated for melanin-rich complexions. Aside from providing much-needed moisture, the products also help address discoloration, oiliness, and blemishes.

    3. A creamy body butter that packs a punch with a trio of hydrating ingredients including manuka honey, cocoa butter, and shea butter. Add the oils of naturally moisturizing nuts to the mix (macadamia, kukui, and Brazil) and you've got a no-nonsense formula.

    4. An exfoliating Baby Foot peel so effective, the before and after photos will both give you nightmares and earn a spot on your vision board.

    5. A Noto face and neck serum with a laundry list of nutrient-dense natural ingredients including marula, rosehip seed, and wild carrot. Together they not only hydrate and nourish skin, but also encourage acne to heal via cell rejuvenation.

    The 2-ounce bottle of serum which has a dropper

    6. A custom Function of Beauty moisturizer that'll quench your skin's thirst with tsubaki oil, squalene, vitamin E, and a few other ingredients determined by the results of your skin quiz.

    The moisturizing gel, cream, and lotion which come in ombre blue, purple, and green containers

    7. A Kate McLeod body stone formulated to nourish and soften skin with a delicate mix of rose, frankincense, and neroli.

    8. Ouai's gentle, floral-scented body cleanser which works up into a sudsy lather and treats your skin to a hydrating dose of probiotics, jojoba seed, and rose hip oil.

    A model applying the sudsy body cleanser

    9. A Tula probiotic moisturizer that revives dull and thirsty skin with naturally derived probiotics and superfoods (aka watermelon fruit extract and hydrolyzed rice).

    10. Drunk Elephant's chunky lil' Lippe Balm which will plump up even the most sensitive pouts with moisturizing avocado, mongongo, and marula oils as well as collagen-restoring peptides.

    The yellow and white lip balm tube

    11. An aromatic Grown Alchemist body cream with nourishing shea butter, jojoba oil, cold-pressed mandarin orange oil, and vitamins A, E, and D.

    12. Moon Juice's Plum hydrating Jelly which plumps up skin with nutrient-dense silver ear mushroom and — if you've made it this far — one of our obvious faves: hyaluronic acid.

    The glass bottle which has a white pump

    13. A Beautycounter Intense Moisture serum packed with two types of hyaluronic acid that help hydrate, minimize the appearance of fine lines, and just give your complexion a supple glow-up.

    14. A fragrance-free hydrating toner from 107 Beauty that utilizes 7-year aged vinegar and Japanese camellia leaf extract to soothe your skin and strengthen your hydration barrier.

    15. Farmacy's Honey Grail hydrating oil made specifically for dry skin with honey, sea buckthorn, and a five-flower oil blend that absorbs instantly.

    16. A bottle of Touchland hand sanitizer with 500+ sprays of fast-evaporating, moisturizing goodness. The secret? Vitamin-rich aloe vera.

    The lavender hand sanitizing mist which is roughly the size of a smartphone

    17. A hydrating facial mist for those who spend countless hours each day plopped in front of a computer screen. The calming formula addresses dryness, blue light exposure, and breakouts with marigold, sunflower extract, and Indian ginseng.

    A model holding the bottle and spraying some of the mist

    18. A six-pack of serum-soaked sheet masks with native Australian botanicals that brighten skin and encourage collagen production.

    The pink sheet mask packaging which says "this mask will make me look as though I know what sleep is"

    19. A mini 4-liter humidifier that produces a cool and quiet mist capable of relieving dry skin, sinus headaches, allergies, and irritated eyes.

    The white humidifier which has four small legs

    20. A Dead Sea bath soak with mineral-rich salt (obvi), and juniper and cypress essential oils which fight off acne, dissolve dead skin, and improve circulation.

    21. A hydrating gel cleanser that gently exfoliates, purifies, and hydrates with blue lotus, lactic acid, and carnosine — an amino acid compound that's naturally produced by the body and helps boost plumpness.

    22. A nourishing cleanser ideal for anyone dealing with dryness, dehydration, and/or skin sensitivity. The clean formula uses only natural ingredients — like green tea and aloe vera — to flush out pores and maintain moisture.

    The amber bottle which has a black pump

    23. A two-in-one Fenty sunscreen/moisturizer that addresses dehydration, discoloration, and dark spots no matter your complexion. Plus, it's reef-friendly!

    A model applying the sunscreen to her hand

    24. A Glossier customizable Balm Dotcom trio guaranteed to lock in moisture with castor oil, beeswax, and lanolin. Best of all, a little goes a loooooong way.

    Tubes of coconut, mango, and rose salve

    25. Wishful's Thirst Trap Juice✨ which keeps skin healthy, strong, and bouncy with THREE types of hyaluronic acid and firming peptides.

    A model applying the liquid serum to their hand

    26. A bottle of Kiehl's Creme de Corps with a mix of non-greasy cocoa butter and beta-carotene that's so beloved, the formula has gone untouched since the '80s.

    Different sizes of the lotion bottles

    27. Necessaire's hyaluronic body serum which supports your skin's natural moisture barrier with a pH-balanced formula designed specifically for sensitive skin.

    28. An Aesop lightweight hydrating serum with aloe vera and ylang ylang — a grease-free combination that works wonders for oily skin.

    The amber bottle which has a dropper

    29. And Belif's lightweight moisture bomb which improves elasticity, leaves behind a dewy glow, and — my favorite part — tingles your skin with a cooling sensation.

    Your skin after you've dipped your toe into the ever-enticing pool of splurge-worthy skincare:

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