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    32 Products That Will Help You Get Your Best Night Of Sleep Ever

    2020 has taken enough from us — don't let it take your Zzzs.

    1. A Bluetooth-enabled eye mask so you can listen to white noise or the sweet, sweet sound of Cillian Murphy telling a "Sleep Story" on the Calm app (highly suggest).

    2. An affordable weighted blanket that'll help you fall asleep and stay asleep with its calming, hug-like embrace.

    A folded blanket in striped white/grey

    3. A soothing bubble bath with epsom salt, lavender, and melatonin. Go ahead, use a heavy hand.

    4. An adjustable pancake pillow so you can stop punching your existing pillow into submission. Feeling like a flat, barely there pillow? Pull out one or more of the six inserts. Need a whole lotta support the next night? Stuff 'em back in.

    One pancake pillow standing upright and one on its side unzipped so you can see the inserts

    5. A set of fancy schmancy sheets made from what feels like The Softest Material on Earth™ — AKA 100% organic long-staple cotton.

    A model cuddled up in a grey sheet set

    6. A white noise machine so you can fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves or thunderstorms instead of car alarms and inexplicable fireworks.

    7. A Calm app subscription because, as stated above, who wouldn't want to drift off to sleep with Cillian Murphy's Cork brogue whispering sweet nothings in your ear? (~Ok, yes, it is just a story about crossing Ireland by train, but you get it~.)

    Two smartphones; one open to the Calm app and one showing a Calm app notification

    8. A tub of Lush's silky sleepy lotion which encourages rest and rejuvenation with it's spa-like scents (hi, lavender and tonka 👋🏻) and moisturizing ingredients (bonjour, cocoa butter and almond oil).

    9. A set of blackout curtains, because while your succulent collection lovesss how much natural light floods in each morning, you could do with a few more hours of sleep.

    10. A Philips wake-up light that'll rouse you slowly with a simulated sunrise — much better than the blare of an iPhone alarm.

    The wake up light (and its packaging) which has the time and menu, select, and + buttons

    11. A pack of break-apart CBD bath bombs from Happy Dance, Kristen Bell's new premium CBD skincare line. Coconut oil + cocoa butter + ginger and grapefruit extract + 60 mg of CBD = a super relaxed version of you.

    The bath bombs in their blue packaging

    12. A body pillow *technically* made for pregnant people but just as suitable for side sleepers and those with a variety of aches and pains.

    A model using the body pillow in purple grey

    13. A pillow-top mattress pad that you can sink into like you're in a slow-mo mattress commercial. Just don't go trying to balance a glass of red wine on it, okay?

    14. A sleek essential oil diffuser ready to calm your racing mind with your choice of aroma. Just add a few drops of lavender, bergamot, or ylang ylang, and get ready to drift off.

    The black essential oil diffuser posed in front of its packaging

    15. A cozy heated blanket that'll keep you so toasty, you'll never have to crawl out of bed for fuzzy socks again.

    16. A soothing pillow mist laced with naturally therapeutic lavender, camomile, and vetivert. Give your bed a liberal spritz and get in position because your head will hit the pillow in no time.

    A hand holding the spray which comes in a white bottle

    17. An overnight lip mask from beloved K-beauty brand Laneige because idk about you, but I simply cannot fall asleep with dry lips. If I don't apply a coat of this before I start to nod off, I *will* wake up an hour later and have to get out of bed to grab it.

    18. A set of noise-cancelling earplugs ready to block out whatever nighttime noises plague you, be it honking traffic, boisterous neighbors, or your partner's snoring.

    The set of ear plugs shown in their case and in a user's ear

    19. A four-pack of smart, dimmable light bulbs so you don't have to climb out of bed and hit the light switch when you're ready to get some shut-eye. You can also set the perfect ~sleep mood~ by programming them to your favorite color.

    20. A pair of washable (!) silk pjs from Lunya and before you come for me in the comments — yes, I know they are a SPLURGE, but a good night of sleep is priceless. 💸💸💸

    21. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses because try as you might, giving up TV/phone time a full hour before bed just isn't in the cards for you. Instead, these chic glasses can help prevent headaches and get you off to bed faster by blocking any rays your devices shadily give off.

    The glasses in vintage crystal

    22. A bedside caddy engineered to hold all of your pre-bedtime possessions including, but not limited to: your laptop, iPad, phone, TV remote, glasses, moisturizer, and prescriptions. This way, you don't have to worry about getting out of bed once you start to nod off — you can just put everything in its place and go with the flow 😴.

    The grey bedside caddy holding a remote, iPad, cellphone, glasses, pen, lotion, and headphones

    23. A Kindle Paperwhite perfect for before-bed readers. Your eyes will eventually grow heavy but you won't have to worry about the headaches or blurred vision that can come with reading off your phone or laptop.

    A reviewer holding the Kindle which is open to the black-and-white home screen

    24. A whisper-quiet humidifier that — while not the ~sexiest~ purchase — will moisturize the air so you can breathe easier.

    25. A Himalayan salt lamp to replace your plug-in night-light that you foolishly threw away in high school because it wasn't "cool" or "adult" enough.

    A reviewer's photo of the Himalayan salt lamp turned on

    26. A temperature-regulating, cocoon-like sleep pod that offers the same comfort as a weighted blanket, but without any extra heat. Go ahead, swaddle yourself up and enjoy the four-way stretch.

    Two models using the sleep pods in bed

    27. A bottle of CBD bites (25 mg each) ready to put your anxieties — and you — to bed.

    28. A Buffy cloud comforter guaranteed to keep you nice and cool so you don't wake up in a puddle of your own sweat.

    29. A pack of (admittedly creepy looking) sleep strips that'll stop your snores in their tracks. If you wake yourself up with the noise of your own aggressive mouth breathing, these are for you, baby!

    30. A mulberry silk pillow case so the "cool side" of the pillow will just be the entire thing. No more endless flipping!

    The silk pillowcase in pink

    31. A plush, hooded bathrobe that'll help set the sleepy time mood. You can slip it on over PJs or wear by itself if you like to sleep in the buff (no shame in that game).

    32. And, if all else fails, an extra-strength sleep tea with chamomile, spearmint, and a secret (jk it's not a secret) all-natural sleep aid: valerian.

    The box of non-caffeinated tea

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    Sweet dreams!

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