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    42 Purchases That Are Not Only Practical, But Fun, Too

    Because useful doesn't always mean boring.

    1. A six-piece Zwilling knife set with everything you need to prep that viral TikTok recipe you've been eyeing. Plus, it comes with a colorful, trendy block that'll keep ya organized.

    2. A pair of vintage-y blue light-blocking glasses that'll protect your peepers during eight-hour work days. Ofc they'll also have your coworkers tripping over themselves to comment on how freaking cute they are.

    3. A set of macaron-shaped storage containers where you can store your leftovers from dinner. Jury is out on whether or not you'll actually eat them, but one thing's for certain: you'll ooh and aah over them every time you open the fridge.

    four macaron-shaped containers in orange, yellow, green, and pink

    4. A pair of Bohten glasses because you've been sitting on that new prescription for a few weeks now and your eyes could *really* use the update. Plus, I bet no one else you know has frames that look anything like this.

    a model wearing square plastic frames and a model wearing black metal frames with wooden nose pieces

    5. A pair of comfy-as-can-be Crocs which — in the world of BuzzFeed writers and editors — are extremely en vogue! Whether you need shower shoes for your dorm, clogs for gardening, or something you can slip into sport mode when you run errands, these bad boys are the answer.

    6. A compact diaper clutch for on-the-go parents who don't want to carry an entire backpack. If your baby has graduated past needing a second set of clothes on hand at all times, it's a great pared-down option!

    a model carrying a baby and a black diaper wristlet

    7. A customizable Green Chef subscription that makes it simple and fun for you and your boo to eat balanced meals. Whether you prefer keto- and paleo-friendly dishes or vegan and vegetarian meals, you have plenty of options.

    8. A chic set of fidget spinner rings you can play with whenever you feel a bit anxious. That way, you don't bite your nails, crack your knuckles, or chew on the end of all your pens.

    9. A cooling pet cot so Scruffy can comfortably join you outdoors once BBQ season is in full swing. The elevated bed allows for extra airflow and it just gives you an extra excuse to snap more shots of them being unbearably cute.

    a medium-sized dog on top of the blue and black cot

    10. A picky eaters plate that'll turn mealtime into a straight-up game so little ones don't even realize they're eating broccoli or whatever else they think is "gross" this week.

    the pirate-themed dinner plate which looks like a board game

    11. An affordable curl-defining cream with a coconut-infused formula that 1. Hydrates your hair 2. Keeps your coif humidity-proof and 3. Won't leave your curls crunchy.

    a model squeezing some of the white creamy hair product into their hand

    12. An easy-to-use SodaStream so you can stop buying five cases of LaCroix every week and make your own sparkling water instead!

    13. A stylish faux-croc MacBook case that'll prevent dents, scratches, and other booboos because despite the fact that you spent a pretty penny on your laptop, you sometimes don't treat it as such.

    the green faux-croc case on a MacBook

    14. An S-shaped chew toy for puppers who *love* a good ol' game of tug o' war. Unlike rope options, your pet won't be able to shred it to pieces, either, so you won't have to do any clean up after a particularly rambunctious playtime.

    15. A low-impact Brrrn board so you can slideeee your way to a sweat without worrying about your neighbors filing a noise complaint.

    16. A fridge deodorizer because last week's samosas were super yummy but you don't want to smell them months after the fact. Best of all, "Chill Bill" can withstand falls, spills, and freezing temperatures so you don't have to babysit him.

    the penguin-shaped deodorizer on the top shelf of a fridge

    17. A sunny bath mat with a positive message and —more importantly — a nonslip back that'll prevent post-shower accidents.

    the sun-shaped bath mat with the text "rise & shine"

    18. A made-to-order Disney-inspired tumbler so you can sip your homemade iced chai latte from a cup that speaks to your personal aesthetic.

    a model holding a disney-inspired tumbler with minnie mouse and the magic castle

    19. A rhino knife sharpener with the power to take your dullest kitchen knife and return it to its former glory. Forget buying a whole new set, this adorable tool can sharpen and polish all of your blades without issue.

    a model sharpening a knife with the rhino-shaped tool

    20. A pair of Conscious Step socks that'll replace the holey ones you've been holding onto for way too long and support mental health initiatives all the while.

    21. A set of NeoGen wine-infused exfoliating pads that'll gently exfoliate your skin with three antioxidant-rich layers. Reviewers say the "holy grail" product smells like a grape Jolly Rancher and noticeably smoothes and brightens complexions.

    the 30-pack of pads

    22. A sleek, wireless charging block that looks as unassuming as as a coaster, but can actually quick-charge your Qi-enabled devices.

    a wooden charger attached to a computer via a USB cable

    23. A egg white separator for the baker who hasn't quite mastered the shell-to-shell method. This cute gadget will do all the work for you — just place it over any small cup.

    a reviewer using the white daisy-shaped tool to separate egg yolks from whites

    24. A Dash air fryer with the ability to churn out crispy fries, chicken fingers, and other appetizers without any added oil. Heck, you can even make baked goods with this baby!

    a teal air fryer making tater tots

    25. A geometric, color-changing bag for those who prefer backpacks to purses. The holographic pack easily holds a 13-inch laptop and your other essentials so it's an A+ pick for commuters.

    26. A watering can juicer you can use to squeeze lemons and limes and then pour them over whatever you're cooking. When serving others, you can even say "tell me when" like you're a parm-wielding waiter at Olive Garden.

    the green juicer/watering can

    27. A motivational water bottle that might just make it easier to drink your daily dose of H2O. Coffee is great and all, but your organs *do* want water.

    a model holding a black water bottle with inspirational text

    28. A mini waffle maker so you can push pause on your day and treat yourself to a warm snack that's way more exciting than an Eggo.

    a reviewer's small red waffle maker next to a pile of waffles

    29. An Our Place Always Pan poised to quickly become the Swiss Army knife of your kitchen. The gorge pan can replace up to eight pieces of cookware as it braises, sears, steams, strains, sautes, fries, boils, serves, and stores.

    30. A flower dish brush sure to look cuter on your countertop than a tired sponge. It even comes with a base that fittingly looks like a vase!

    a model using the pink and green flower dish scrubber

    31. A pressed floral bookmark you can use to keep your place in your park read. Have you managed to get past page five in the last three weekends you came out to sunbathe? Perhaps not, but that's nobody's business but yours!

    32. A Sriracha hot sauce keychain so you can keep your #1 condiment close at hand because you'll be damned if you have to pay 75 cents for an extra sauce when it's SO obvious that your meal *should* have come with two to start.

    a hand holding the keychain which is the size of a small hand sanitizer

    33. A canvas cup holder made to cuddle your iced coffee on your walk back from Starbucks. If you drink iced bevvies year-round (sorry, but it's the only way to go), it'll keep your fingers from freezing.

    34. A set of cutesy "in season" cord savers so your brand new lightning cable doesn't suffer the same fate as your last two: death by razor-sharp cat teefs.

    a cellphone with a pizza, apple, and lemon cord charm

    35. A jumbo clothespin hook that will guarantee your towel never falls to the floor again! Be gone, tiny, unreliable hooks — these guys have it from here.

    three jumbo clothespins hanging on a wall holding towels

    36. A pair of scented shoe deodorizers because if you've ever owned a pair of Chucks, you know the ungodly scents they'll inevitably harbor.

    The banana-shaped deodorizers half inserted into a pair of tennis shoes

    37. A Darth Vader device holder where you can prop up your phone or PS4 controller so you never lose them in the couch again.

    The Darth Vader-shaped device stand holding a game controller

    38. A set of glass straws so you can stop ~borrowing~ a handful every time you drop by Dunkin'/Starbucks/Tim Hortons.

    straws in green, blue, clear, yellow, and amber

    39. A Glossier customizable Balm Dotcom trio guaranteed to lock in moisture with castor oil, beeswax, and lanolin. Best of all, a little goes a loooooong way.

    Tubes of coconut, mango, and rose salve

    40. A sloth to-do pad so you can keep track of errands, appointments, and those tiny little tasks you can't convince yourself do unless it's written down on a piece of paper and you get to highlight it after. (Man, do I love highlighting.)

    A BuzzFeed editor's pad with to-dos written down

    41. A Daily Harvest subscription to make eating easy with fruit- and veggie-based smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, soups, chia bowls, lattes, and even ice cream!! Basically, if you have five minutes and the ability to work a microwave and blender, you're in business, baby.