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    All The Best Deals To Shop During Overstock's Cyber Week Sale

    Boho rugs, mid-century modern sofas, and elegant light fixtures, oh my. And all up to 70% off. 😘

    Thanksgiving has now come and gone guys and you know what that means....

    CYBER WEEK DEALS 💃 This year, you can do ~all~ of your shopping right online. One such way: Overstock's Cyber Week sale. And did we mention free shipping??

    Check out just a handful of the incredible things you can score major discounts on below:

    1. 43% off a faux cowhide rug that will almost convince you you're quarantining at a sprawling Montana ranch and not a depressingly small NYC studio.

    The brown and white faux cowhide rug

    2. Or 20% off a slightly more understated rug if ~minimalism~ is more your style.

    The rug in grey

    3. 69% off a down alternative comforter guaranteed to take your naps and Netflix binges to the next level with its clump-free hypoallergenic fill.

    The quilted comforter in white

    4. 20% off a five-foot-wide bean bag chair so when something inconveniences you — even in the slightest — you can dramatically throw yourself down on it.

    A model using the bean bag chair in camel

    5. 53% off a memory foam mattress because it's time to be real with yourself: your childhood mattress isn't doing your back any favors.

    The mattress which has branding that says "Lucid comfort collection"

    6. 15% off a tufted velvet ottoman that's *basically* the Swiss army knife of furniture. Use it as a bench, ottoman, coffee table, footrest — you name it.

    The tufted ottoman in navy blue

    7. 57% off an adjustable upholstered headboard because you hit your head on the wall behind your bed far too often. Just spend the $60 or so bucks and save yourself the concussion, huh?

    8. 32% off a mid-century leather sofa that will keep you company as you dive into The Queen's Gambit. The internet has spoken and you need to watch it ASAP.

    The tufted leather couch in camel

    9. 21% off a set of reclining chairs so you and your boo can kick your feet up and forget about the sink full of dishes for a bit.

    The mid-century recliners in muted yellow

    10. 35% off a three-piece quilt set that may or may not convince you to hit snooze three more times. If you're late for work or school, just don't blame us.

    The quilt set in marsala

    11. 41% off a design-forward cat condo with two levels, jute-wrapped scratching posts, and an interactive hanging toy. If all else fails, they'll at least enjoy the box it came in, ehh?

    Two cats using both tiers of the cat condo

    12. 15% off a set of Egyptian cotton sheets with deep pockets that won't pop off the corners of your mattress the freaking *second* you manage to get comfortable.

    13. 15% off an industrial-leaning bookshelf with five shelves to easily accommodate your complete Stephen King collection.

    The five-tier bookshelf holding books, plants, and decor

    14. 15% off an adjustable outdoor chaise you can wheel around your backyard or position strategically on your balcony which, once this baby is placed, will have exactly 12 inches of clearance.

    The chaise lounge with the shelf pulled out holding a mug

    15. 15% off a contemporary industrial desk with the power to make you far more productive. (So that last part isn't "technically" proven, but we're gonna go with it.)

    the industrial desk with wood on top in the color espresso

    16. 22% off a set of gold table lamps that look like they were seized from the Rose family home before they packed their remaining bags for Schitt's Creek.

    The Greek key lamp which has a square shade

    17. 26% off a set of plush velvet curtains seemingly straight from a five-star hotel. There's no quicker way to feel fancy than drawing these bad boys every morning and night.

    18. 28% off a sculptural light fixture with Edison-style bulbs that will have you spending less time looking at the TV and more time staring up at your ceiling.

    The black light fixture which mounts flush to the ceiling

    19. 19% off a water-resistant striped shower curtain because they're weirdly expensive to buy full price and this is a serious (if not sexy) steal.

    The shower curtain in aqua

    20. 21% off an XXL dining room table with plenty of space for your football Sunday feasts. Reviewers say it comfortably fits six + a whole lotta wings and fixins'.

    The industrial wood and metal table

    21. 28% off a swiveling bar stool because you simply can't sit still while you eat and what's more fun than spinning yourself back and forth?

    Three of the bar stools in oak

    22. 15% off a full-length mirror so you can check to see if you can get away with dry shampoo or need a full-blown shower before your first Zoom call of the day.

    The full-length mirror in gold

    There's lots more where that came from so be sure to check out Overstock's up to 70% off Cyber Week sale!

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