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    33 Things Sure To Turn Your Home Into An IRL Inspiration Board

    Psst, there are under-$50 options on this list — I pinky promise.

    1. A mirrored bar cart where you can artfully arrange all of your spirits, mixers, and muddlers. If you want to get really Khloe Kardashian with it, you can even organize lemon and lime slices in little glass jars just like she does her Oreos.

    2. A metal canopy bed you can drape with sheer curtains and fairy lights. Idc how old you are, sleeping in what's essentially a pillow fort 24/7 is the dream.

    3. A frameless mirror in a trendy amorphous shape that looks so ~aesthetic~ when artfully arranged behind your luxe candles, eau de parfums, and serums.

    4. A minimalist knot pillow you can delicately place in front of the twelve others already on your bed. If you're a Pillow Person™ like me, this'll make total sense. If you're a hater like my BF, it won't, but I don't care!

    5. A brass floor lamp for those who can't decided if their style leans more rustic, mid-century modern, transitional, farmhouse, or art deco. This light? This light can do 'em all.

    6. A linen bedding set that delivers the lived-in look you've long been drooling over. If you're anything like me, having a matching set will also serve as motivation to actually make your bed each morning.

    7. An acrylic coffee table so crystal clear, future guests will assume you're *really* on top of your cleaning. To the same point — reviewers suggest placing at least a coffee table book or two on top or you could walk straight into it!

    the clear acrylic table

    8. Or a farmhouse-style coffee table that conceals two super-spacious drawers. Use them for throw blankets, pillows, or just the random ish that seems accumulate day to day (me looking @ the Taco Bell hot sauce packets on my coffee table rn).

    The square coffee table which has two pullout drawers

    9. A minimalist vase you can fill with a few sprigs of dried eucalyptus or just use like a lil' sculpture. That H&M one the entire internet loves has basically been sold out forever but this is a great alternative.

    four beige geometric vases

    10. A modernist dining table with two circular holes I want to army crawl through like I'm a 5-year-old in a McDonald's play place. Of course, this beaut deserves to serve magazine-worthy five-course meals, not just number one combos.

    the table with a matching bench

    11. A eucalyptus sheet set that could easily pass as silk. You know that feeling of when you shave your legs, lotion up, and then crawl into bed? That's what these sheets feel like 24/7 even if you haven't bought a razor since pre-quarantine times.

    the sheet set in snow with a forest green duvet

    12. A gold decorative tray where you can display skincare, stemware, or just give yourself a dedicated space to throw the stuff that has no home.

    13. A velvet shell pillow that looks like the one your favorite IG influencer has, but at a mere ~fraction~ of the cost.

    14. A wireless library light you can position over your impressive book collection or favorite family portrait. This thing costs less than 30 bucks but it'll transform your den into a museum-worthy exhibit.

    15. A bouquet of dried pampas grass that totally nails the au natural, bohemian look you've been longing to achieve. Plus, you don't have to water them! Win win.

    16. An inexpensive area rug capable of tying an entire room together and hiding that one scratched floorboard that was already there when you moved in.

    The tasseled beige area rug in a living room

    17. A minimalist-meets-industrial bookshelf where you can display your succulents, tchotchkes, and all of the books you've bought but never cracked open. One day you'll get to them!!

    18. A mid-century modern fabric decal you can peel and stick to any wall that needs a lil' something. They come in a bunch of sizes that work well behind benches, beds, TVs, you name it, so if you've been seeing the trend on TikTok but can't paint your space, this affordable option gives you the same look.

    The arch decal in rust orange

    19. A lightweight, easy-to-install ceiling medallion that will make you feel like you live in a French chateaux and not a postage stamp-sized apartment where your kitchen, living room, and bedroom are all one and the same.

    20. A plug-in wall sconce you can post up over the side of your bed — no electrical work necessary. If sitting upright in bed to read a book under the light of your new fixture doesn't make you feel fancy, idk I can help you.

    21. A three-tier Open Spaces shoe rack with more personality than some people I've met. (If we've met, just assume this isn't about you, okay?) But in seriousness, it offers ample space for all of the kicks that have been littering your bedroom floor.

    The navy shoe rack which has a handle on top

    22. A brass linen tower you can pile high with bath sheets, washcloths, and face towels or use to display your 30-strong succulent collection.

    The brass shelving unit which has five glass shelves

    23. A eucalyptus shower bunch to make your bathroom feel like a straight-up spa. If you have guests coming over, leave the shower curtain open just a ~smidge~ so they can admire your incredible taste (and the fragrance, obvi).

    A large eucalyptus bundle hanging in a shower

    24. A Samsung Frame TV you can switch from 90 Day Fiance to a piece of renaissance art before guests arrive.

    25. A set of assorted air plants that don't require much care, but look so good, people will assume they're waited on hand and foot.

    A set of eight air plants

    26. An Article Timber sofa with buttery soft cushions that will make you debate getting into an argument with your S.O. so you can sleep on the couch for a night.

    27. An Our Place Always Pan that can do just about everything and eliminate a few extra dishes in the process. If it could wash itself, there'd truly be no stopping it.

    The blue salt pan and nesting beechwood spatula

    28. A Chinese fan palm that — like you —thrives in low light and with little water. Better yet, the ~dramatic~ plant is non-toxic so if your pet is tempted to take a lil' nibble, you won't have to deal with a $2,000 vet bill.

    The Chinese fan palm in a clay pot

    29. A ready-made gallery wall with eight frames and matching prints because if you're anything like me, you LOVE the look but get super anxious thinking about curating one on your own.

    A gallery wall with eight framed posters

    30. A glass-top dinner table that looks super luxe but costs less than $130, saving you plenty of extra $$$ for takeout (support your local restaurants, guys!).

    reviewer's set up with the glass table

    31. A modern desk chair that won't put too much strain on your wallet or your back. I mean, just look at that cactus green faux velvet...

    The rolling task chair in cactus green

    32. A velvet memory foam futon so when your mom drops by unannounced — as she loves to do — you don't have to wrestle your air mattress out of a closet and then rearrange your spare room so it fits.

    33. And a fluffy area rug that will have you kicking off socks and slippers so you can bury your toes in the plush faux fur.

    You willing your savings account to go up a zero or two so you can refurnish your whole home: