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    26 Pieces Of Indoor Workout Equipment So You Don't Have To Go Out In The Cold

    Here's to hoping you don't have any downstairs neighbors 🤞🏻

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    1. A set of wearable weights for those super busy days when you're not sure you can fit in a whole workout. What you can do, though, is slip these on while sweeping, vacuuming, or finally folding your laundry.

    2. A super compact Bluetooth-enabled treadmill that'll give you a great workout without taking up too much space or subjecting you to freezing temperatures. Once you're done, just fold down the handrail and slide it under your couch or bed. The threat of dust bunnies collecting may even make you want to use it more.

    3. A gamified core trainer so you don't have to go outside, but do get to pretend you're soaring through space or hang-gliding over a distant countryside.

    Models showing how you tilt and twist on the trainer following the game on a smartphone

    4. A freestanding pull up bar and dip station because it's too cold to use the scaffolding outside your building as a free gym and the last time you tried one of the door ones, you saw your life flash before your eyes when it fell.

    5. A hand-stitched yoga and Pilates strap, which allows you to deepen your stretches and work on flexibility. Last time you tried to go from zero to Flying Bakasana, things didn't go well, but this can help.

    A model using the block-printed strap to stretch her legs

    6. A set of slightly weighted Ripstix so you can follow along to a Pound workout or just reenact that scene in Freaks and Geeks where Nick (Jason Segel) kills (at least in his eyes) the drum solo from Rush's Spirit Of The Radio.

    Two models using the green sticks

    7. Mirror's home gym, which offers live, on-demand classes and 50+ genres of workout which is super helpful for those who go through phases. Sure, you liked Zumba last week, but will you this week? Not even your Magic 8-Ball knows.

    8. A set of four resistance bands you can use for all sorts of workouts from assisted pull-ups to pre-deadlift stretches. They're super durable, too, so you don't have to worry about them snapping in your face like a lousy rubber band.

    A model showing the different ways you can use the band

    9. A kettlebell with a large handle and an offset center of gravity which ensures no two workouts are the same. Bonus points for the fact that it's wrapped in soft material so if you accidentally fling it (oopsie 🙈), you don't have to worry about your floor.

    10. An ab roller that not only engages your core, but your pecs, lateral obliques, deltoids, dorsal muscles and more. You don't have to look like a Greek god to work it, either; an included kneepad makes modifications possible.

    A model using the ab roller

    11. A Pilates bar with two latex resistance bands and two nonslip grips which allow you to strengthen and tone your arms, core, back, legs, chest, and hips. If your posture could use some improvement (*takes a moment to notice how hunched I'm sitting*) this can also help with that!

    12. A smart jump rope for those into fitness but over every YouTube workout class they've done. The futuristic device connects to an app on your smartphone or fitness wearable and keeps an accurate count of your jumps, burned calories, and workout time and even lets you challenge others to an indoor Double Dutch competition.

    The jump rope in blue next to a smartphone and fitness wearable connected to the accompanying app

    13. A versatile weight bench you can use to target just about every muscle group since it can be used flat or at a decline and includes four different foot adjustments and eight thigh support positions. A digital workout chart shows the 101 ways you can use it so you won't be disinterested after finishing the two you already know.

    A model using the black and red bench

    14. A set of pushup stands which engage a whole bunch of arm, shoulder, chest, and core muscles since they rotate during use. I know that makes it sound like they're super hard to use, but reviewers say they actually help reduce wrist and joint strain.

    a model using the pushup stands

    15. A cow-print yoga mat that won't slip and slide as you follow a YouTube tutorial. You're already a champ when it comes to Child's Pose, but now's a great time to learn some more positions.

    The black and white cow-print mat

    16. And, to go with that, a sturdy yoga wheel for increasing flexibility and working your way up to more demanding poses.

     A reviewer using the yoga wheel to stretch their back

    17. A strength training rope that's ideal for post-Unsolved Mysteries use. Yes, the show literally has "unsolved" in the title, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating and now the only thing that's going to calm you down is rage throwing some ropes!!

    18. A medicine ball you can use to work on your core strength, balance, and coordination. Your dog will probably think it's for them, but their jumping and nose-booping just add to the fun.

    A model using the blue and black medicine ball

    19. A heavy duty punching bag that would excite your young, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em-obsessed self. Air punching just isn't the same, it's contact sports you crave.

    A reviewer's photo of the punching bag in their home gym

    20. A Peleton bike, because when your friend got one last year, you were super jealous but thought you'd get over it soon enough. Turns out, you didn't and now every time you talk to her on FaceTime and it pops into frame, it's just a painful reminder of the life you could be living.

    A model interacting with the Peleton's digital screen

    21. A set of core sliders that take up less closet space than a pair of running sneakers. The double-sided disks work on both carpet and hardwood and since they allow for fluid, low-impact movement, they make mountain climbers, planks, and pikes, much more doable.

    22. A shock-absorbing step platform, which lets you add a little ✨spice✨ to your cardio or strength training routine. Plus the platform is nonslip, so unlike steps outside, there's no threat of black ice.

    A reviewer using the platform with a medicine ball

    23. A foldable rebounder because if you've ever been to an indoor trampoline park, you know even a few minutes of jumping is no joke!

    A model using the rebounder

    24. An adjustable dumbbell you can use in front of the TV while you watch the much-anticipated second season of Blown Away. Since you can switch it between 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds, it can even replace your cluttered weight rack.

    The adjustable dumbbell sitting on its included holder

    25. A Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure game so instead of jogging, sprinting, and high-kneeing your way through a local park, you can jog, sprint, and high-knee your way through a ✨ fantasy world ✨ where your workout helps defeat enemies.

    26. And an adjustable workstation bike if you prefer to get 💰paid💰 while burning calories. Prop your laptop up on the desk, maybe even turn on some Netflix in the background, and go ahead and start spinning.

    A reviewer's photo of the white stationary desk bike

    You amped and ready to start your indoor workout:

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