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    Save Up To 50% Off Your Next Mattress By Shopping Idle Sleep's Holiday Sale

    Your back called 📞and said it could use some more support.

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    This just in: Idle Sleep is running a deal on mattresses and slashing prices up to 50% off with code BUZZ50 at checkout‼ 👀

    If you've been meaning to upgrade your mattress for a while (like, say, for a few years...) now is truly the time to pounce. Aside from saving hundreds on your mattress, Idle Sleep is also throwing in two free (repeat: FREE 🤗) memory foam pillows — a $115 value!

    Of course, we don't all have the same preferences when it comes to mattresses. I love them super squishy — like, think a marshmallow, but squishier — while others need something firmer. Good news! Idle Sleep has a lil' bit of somethin' for everyone (and in sizes twin through California king) — 'cause we could all benefit from better sleep!

    Now, there are two ways to shop this deal:

    1. 50% Off Any *Foam* Mattress + Two Free Pillows

    A model sitting on The Idle

    2. 25% Off any *Hybrid* Mattress + Two Free Pillows

    Models laying on the Idle Hybrid

    Some other tidbits you'll be excited to hear about: Every mattress comes with an 18-month home trial, a lifetime warranty, AND free shipping and free returns!

    Tldr; we really encourage you to check out Idle Sleep's Black Friday deals by entering BUZZ50 at checkout, because this'll be you when your back pain ceases, your mattress no longer creaks, and you finally get some good shut eye:

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