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    30 Hands-On Gifts That'll Excite Everyone On Your List

    A+ options for foodies, photographers, musicians, and more 🥯📷 🎸

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    1. A Polaroid Lab with the ability to take yesterday's IG shots and make them into analog keepsakes. Was your gift recipient alive in the era of instant cameras? Even if your answer is a confident "Nope!" it doesn't matter, 'cause now we have this nifty gadget.

    2. A DIY polymer clay earring kit for the friend who wants to get into jewelry making but isn't quite ready to spend $100+ on supplies. (Oh how I wish I could go back in time and show myself this.)

    3. A pair of serotonin-inducing skates that they can zip around on as Fleetwood Mac blares in the background because they *are* the main character.

    4. A MasterClass subscription for the friend who loves to learn, learn, and learn some more. They can take 90-minute courses on everything from creative writing with Margaret Atwood to Texas-style BBQ with Aaron Franklin.

    MasterClass courses with Ron Finley, Anna Wintour, Stephen Curry, and Gordon Ramsay displayed on a tablet, iPhone, laptop, and TV

    5. A knit-your-own cardigan kit for the friend who lives *exclusively* in oversized sweaters. We should also mention that it's made for beginners, so your buddy doesn't need an FIT design degree to end up with something resembling clothing.

    6. A The Office-themed game of Clue for those who hate Toby Flenderson just as much as Michael Scott. "I tried. I tried to talk to Toby and be his friend, but that is like trying to be friends with an evil snail." —M. Scott

    The board game and box with all pieces laid out

    7. A craft beer kit so they can tell everyone they actually made the IPA in their pint glass. Beer snobs will certainly appreciate the gift, but just keep in mind you'll forever be hearing about the fermentation process and in great, great detail.

    8. A 1,000-piece puzzle that delivers major I Spy vibes with bric-a-brac galore. Forget dated nature scenes and planetary diagrams, this is the Millennial-friendly jigsaw we've all been waiting for.

    9. A three-pack of all-natural dough because no one is ever too old for an arts and crafts session.

    The Starburst three-pack which comes with pink, orange, and yellow dough

    10. A Hunt A Killer subscription for the giftee who's always upset when the murder onUnsolved Mysteries goes...unsolved. With this monthly kit, they can do their own detective work decoding ciphers, piecing together timelines, and going through a victim's personal effects in order to get to the bottom of their case.

    A Hunt A Killer box with newspaper clippings, police documents, letters, and other paperwork

    11. A personalized notebook/planner/journal where they can scribble down their most pressing thoughts from "What would be the longterm costs of unmitigated climate change?" to "Today I put everything bagel seasoning on an everything bagel and it was d.i.v.i.n.e."

    12. An ultra-portable synthesizer they can slip into their pocket and bring to their next jam sesh. If you're their music buddy, they now have no excuse not to come to you!

    13. A terrarium-building kit so they can cultivate a whimsical garden without even having to step foot outside. Plus, since the succulents and moss require v little maintenance, it'll free up more time for them to tend to virtual weeds in Animal Crossing.

    14. A make-your-own hot sauce kit for those who religiously watch Hot Ones. If they love to brag about their tolerance for spice and heat, they can create their own boundary-pushing sauce with liberal additions of chipotle and guajillo peppers.

    The hot sauce kit with bottles labeled yes you cayenne, devil's tears, make my verde, the firestar, and red hot chili papa

    15. A weaving loom with all the bits and bobs they'll need to create a wall-worthy display. If they have even one (1) crafty bone in their body, we best this'll be a hit.

    16. A kombucha-brewing kit for the friend who's sorely missing their on-tap work booch. That ish is expensive when bought by the bottle, but this kit comes with enough ingredients to make a full gallon.

    17. An adult coloring book with simultaneously humorous/disturbing illustrations that'll make them ~uncomfy.~

    The front of the coloring book which shows a cat on a skateboard

    18. A relaxing spa box so they can forget — even if only a for moment — the year we've all had. With 2021 right around the corner, it's time to (responsibly) bath salt the blues away.

    19. A macrame plant hanger kit with everything one needs to make a '70s-inspired planter. Corduroy bell bottoms and curtain bangs don't come included, but we'll assume they already have those.

    Everything that comes included in the kit and a photo of the complete planter

    20. An Olive & June mani system with every tool they need to create salon-worthy nails right at home. It may take a bit for them to get super confident painting with their non-dominant hand, but the Poppy polish handle makes it a whole lot easier. 💅

    A model painting her nails with one of the colors included in the six-polish set

    21. A make-your-own ukulele kit for the musician who also majored in fine arts. The uke ships in pieces so they can give it a personalized paint job before assembling it.

    22. A DIY baroque 3D clock that, once completed, may just burst into a rendition of "Be Our Guest" any time they have friends over.

    23. A mini essentials kit from Brightland for the foodie who has different bottles of olive oil for cooking vs. dipping. The kit comes with two EVOOs and two fruit-forward vinegars that not only taste good, but have some bonus brain and beauty effects.

    The mini essentials kit which comes with two olive oils and two vinegars

    24. A smart jump rope for those who're into fitness but over every YouTube workout class they've done. The futuristic device connects to an app on their smartphone or fitness wearable and keeps an accurate count of their jumps, burned calories, and workout time and even lets them challenge others to a double Dutch competition.

    The jump rope in blue next to a smartphone and fitness wearable connected to the accompanying app

    25. A bagel and cream cheese-making kit (straight from Brooklyn) with everything one needs to make a bodega-worthy sandwich with schmear.

    Two kits; one for everything bagels and one for cinnamon raisin

    26. A tabletop pool game they won't have to clean out their entire basement to make room for.

    27. A surprisingly affordable mask set from Sephora with eight jungle-themed options that'll pamper their eyes, hands, hair, face, and feet. Don't know your giftee's skin type? Don't fret — this collection is perfect for dry, oily, combination, and "normal" (w/e that means) skin.

    The complete set and keepsake box which is jungle themed

    28. A retro Lite Brite toy for anyone who wants to teleport back to the '90s or introduce their little ones to the "retro" toys they grew up with.

    The Lite Bright box which says the kit contains 214 pieces and a bigger, brighter screen

    29. A solar photography kit so they can harness the power of the sun in order to take photos like they're livin' in 1842.

    30. And a DIY mochi-making kit for the friend who makes multiple dedicated trips to Trader Joe's every week just to pick up some of the sweet stuff.

    The mochi kit packaging and included ingredients and tools

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