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    41 Fun Gifts To Buy Your Pet Because You Want Them To Have The World

    Also because they're the only thing that's been holding you together during this whole global pandemic thing 🙃.

    1. A plus Sherpa "bedtime bear" hand-filled with calming lavender if you know your baby has trouble sleeping when you're not home.

    2. An interactive treat maze for high-energy cats who could use a lil' mental stimulation. It even has three levels of difficulty — beginner, intermediate and top-cat — so you can switch things up as their hunting skills improve.

    two cats playing with the cardboard puzzle maze

    3. A chicken-flavored nylon antler that your pup will enjoy just as much as the real thing (it has ridges that massage their gums!), but even better — you won't have to worry about them swallowing any splintered shards that could wreak havoc on their digestive system.

    the nylon antler chew toy

    4. A Chewy Goody Box because what's better than a single new toy? A whole dang box of new toys and treats!

    5. A faux-snakeskin shirt if your cat watched Zoolander with you *ONCE* and now they're obsessed with doing whatever it takes to become a top model.

    6. A triangular tug-o'-war toy for serious — and I mean serious — chewers. Get a good grip or you'll risk having your shoulder thrown out, ya hear?

    7. A three-tier cat toy with polka-dotted balls they can bat at. One of my cats puts her arms on both sides and essentially plays a modified version of tetherball just with herself.

    a reviewer's cats playing with the ball toy

    8. A ChuckIt! ball launcher for pups who are *always* game to make fetch happen. Plus, this way, you don't have to pick up slobbery balls. It's a win-win.

    model using the ball launcher to play with a large dog

    9. A tunnel bed if your bb's love for toys is only surpassed by one other thing: sleep.

    10. A cupcake-shaped Mickey Mouse Halloween plushie for pups whose favorite way to spend the day is watching Disney+ just like their pawrents.

    a dog playing with the cupcake-shaped Mickey Mouse plush

    11. A pack of all-natural matabi chew sticks — a catnip alternative that's somehow even more tantalizing than anything they've tried before.

    12. A feathered Christian Cowan x Maxbone jumper if they've decided to try their hand (err, paw) at haute couture styles in anticipation of the forthcoming Sex and the City reboot.

    13. A floppy robotic fish that only moves when your cat or dog interacts with it. Once they get the hang of it, I guarantee they'll be karate chopping, slapping, and bunny kicking the ish out of it.

    14. A color-blocked hoodie in cotton candy shades just as sweet as all the human treats they *wish* they could eat but can't. Alas, you can throw a Milk-Bone their way and they'll be justttt as happy.

    15. A plush anti-anxiety donut bed with a raised rim that keeps your baby feeling nice and secure. The fluffy material also mimics fur, so it feels like they're cuddling their mom.

    16. A trusty supersized box of Greenies in oven-roasted chicken flavor because if there's one thing your cat loves more than endless pets and lovies, it's the sweet, sweet sound of a shaken treat container.

    a reviewer's cat with their head stuck in a tub of greenies

    17. A plush "Barkin" bag with a pup-approved addition: a squeaker, of course! Luckily, if they rip this purse apart it only costs $15 as opposed to $15,000+ for the real thing.

    the orange bag which is styled like a Burkin

    18. An exercise wheel your kitty can turn to whenever they get the zoomies (aka every night at 3 a.m.).

    a cat on a black exercise wheel

    19. A luxe cable-knit sweater for the pup who 1) was likely an Irish fisherman in a past life or 2) is channeling hot guy fall à la Chris Evans.

    20. A catnip-filled carrot your fur child can bunny kick as hard as it wants. That way, your arm (or other cat) can catch a break.

    21. A matching bandana and scrunchie so you can pull off a stylish mommy- (or daddy-) and-me outfit even when you're apart. And, when you're together, chances are slim you'll run into someone else wearing the same thing since each set is handmade.

    22. An interactive feather and mouse game that's basically like Whac-A-Mole for your cat. Lucky for them, they don't have to hunt down a carnival or pay $5 a pop to play.

    23. A refillable catnip mat for lazy lil' kitties who rather roll around on the floor than get in some cardio chasing after a robotic toy.

    a cat lying on a blue mat

    24. A rhinestone-studded tracksuit for those days when they wanna take it back to the early aughts and go for a Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie The Simple Life look.

    25. A window hammock with suction cups strong enough to hold 50 pounds. If you're thinking that seems like a lot, just consider how quickly the weight of multiple cats, a blanket, their favorite toys, and a pillow adds up.

    26. A banana-shaped bed for the pet who loves "hiding" under blankets and in cardboard boxes. The top flap — or, if we're talking anatomically, the peel — offers them a private and enclosed space to nap.

    27. A laptop-shaped scratcher if the last year of WFH life has led your cat to believe that they *too* have a 9 to 5.

    a cat staring at the fake laptop screen

    28. A spherical Tuft + Paw hideout with a faux-fur blanket just your cat's size. If your bb is anything like mine, they'll hang out in there until you walk by at perfect swatting distance.

    29. A smart–pet sofa so if you live with roommates or partners who have a "no dogs on the furniture" rule, your pup will still have a comfy place of their own.

    30. A rotating sisal scratcher ball for those energetic kitties who were most definitely a DJ in their past life. The durable scratcher *should* (no promises though — you know how cats are) even be enticing enough to keep them away from your couch.

    a cat playing with the sisal scratcher ball

    31. A catnip-filled fortune cookie so Kitty Purry can take part in takeout nights as well. Her fortune? The always sage "blame it on the dog."

    32. A "Woof Clicquot" plushie for the pup with champagne tastes. If you're working on a beer budget, you'll also be happy to know it's only 15 bucks.

    33. A UFO-shaped cat box that not only looks stellar, but prevents your kitty baby from kicking litter all over the dang place. TBH this is more a gift for you but, I mean, c'mon!

    34. A coffee table cat condo if your fur babies are already prone to crawling all over your furniture anyways. Now at least, they'll have a designated spot — in the form of a built-in condo — that's just theirs.

    three cats on top of and in the coffee table

    35. A leather doggie sofa that's just as posh as your couch, and don't worry about stains or scratches — they'll buff right out with regular use! Oh and has a freakin' memory foam base that's probably just as comfortable as your mattress.

    a medium sized dog lounges on a brown leather dog couch

    36. A macramé cat hammock so visually arresting, it may just convince your fur baby to give up the Amazon box they've been calling home for the last month. Since it's made out of a bunch of strings, I don't see how they wouldn't at least be intrigued.

    Two cats lounging on separate macrame hammock beds