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    30 Small-Space Friendly Pieces Of Furniture That Won’t Hog All Your Floor Space

    So you still have *plenty* of room for activities.

    1. A combined floor lamp and end table if you're 1. Trying to save space or 2. Just absolutely enamored (like any sensible adult) with multi-tasking pieces.

    the lamp next to a couch

    2. A Floyd media console with a streamlined design that works perfectly as a TV stand or — when you eventually move into a place with more room — as part of a larger modular shelving system.

    3. An industrial-style storage shelf you can shimmy right over your bed for extra succulent space. If your windowsills are already full, this is an easy solution.

    4. A floating desk that takes up ~zero~ floor space because it mounts to the wall instead! Now that's what I'm talking about.

    the brown console mounted on a wall

    5. A chic gold vanity with clean lines and just enough room for you to squeak a stool underneath because what good is a makeup nook if you can't even sit??

    the gold vanity which has a circular mirror

    6. An iridescent acrylic table that'll throw light all over your space — AKA making it seem larger — even if you only have one unobstructed window because your other one is harboring an AC unit.

    the iridescent acrylic coffee tables in small and large

    7. A shoe cabinet narrow enough to fit in tight mudrooms, entry halls, and foyers. At minimum, it holds eight pairs of sneakers, slip-ons, or sandals.

    8. A sturdy tufted bench with a lift-top lid that hides four whole feet of storage. Which in NYC is practically like having a second bedroom.

    the bench in orange

    9. An acrylic dog gate if you simply *refuse* to install one of those metal or wood ones that make your pup look like he's behind bars. Plus, this one takes up no visual space and doesn't have to be screwed into the wall — it's completely portable!

    a dog standing behind the clear four-panel gate

    10. A space-saving kitchen island with a drop-leaf top and two concealed stools you can whip out whenever you need extra seating. Idk who designed this baby, but studio dwellers everywhere are singing your praise.

    11. A set of upholstered dining room chairs I could honestly stare at for a good hour. The rattan! The velvet! The cantilevered design! ::swoon::

    12. A compact, four-person dining room set with ingenious stools that double as storage so if you moved into a smaller space but didn't exactly downsize when it comes to possessions, you'll still be able to make it work.

    13. A mirrored bar cart where you can artfully arrange all of your spirits, mixers, and muddlers. If you want to get really Khloe Kardashian with it, you can even organize lemon and lime slices in little glass jars just like she does her Oreos.

    the two-tier gold bar cart

    14. A tufted sofa with angled legs, square arms, and foam-filled cushions supportive enough for you to collapse on after a long day of work or — the absolute horror — an appointment at the DMV... Since it's elevated, you can also use those extra inches for storage.

    the four-legged sofa in orange

    15. A leaning desk that might just convince you to stop working from bed. Sure, it doesn't have the benefit of six pillows and a duvet, but your spine won't be bent like a cheese curl and you can actually show your background on Zoom.

    16. A mid-century/farmhouse/industrial-style end table with modified hairpin legs and a wire basket shelf where — if you're a millennial going on 60 like me — you can stow away the NYT crossword books you like to do in front of the TV.

    17. A pair of bamboo nesting tables you can separate whenever you need extra room for your takeout spread and then slide back together when you want a lil' more space.

    18. A petal-shaped brass table with *just* enough room for your Trenta iced guava tea with two pumps of classic syrup. It really is the perfect size because once you're finished, you won't have room to let cups pile up, you'll have to take care of them right away.

    19. An acrylic coffee table so crystal clear, future guests will assume you're *really* on top of your cleaning. To the same point — reviewers suggest placing at least a coffee table book or two on top or you could walk straight into it!

    the clear acrylic coffee table

    20. A backless counter-height bar stool with a comfy saddle seat where you can park your butt when it's time for breakfast. If only your oven popped out fresh blueberry muffins all on its own.

    three white and brown bar stool pulled up to an island

    21. A steel and wood standing rack capable of replacing your "clothes" chair. Come onnnnn... we all have one.

    The black standing rack which has a wooden dowel

    22. A minimalist-meets-industrial bookshelf where you can display your succulents, tchotchkes, and all of the books you've bought but never cracked open. One day you'll get to them!!

    23. A Novogratz canopy bed that'll make you feel like an absolute queen or king even if the only person waiting on you is your cat and it's because you're five minutes late feeding him dinner.

    the black canopy bed

    24. A floating media stand with two tiers of storage space so you can keep your consoles and cables (and random junk mail you'll probably never go through) hidden from view.

    The vintage brown console which has three open shelves and a closed center compartment

    25. A tufted camel-colored loveseat that looks like you swiped it from your favorite hotel lobby. And did I mention you can snag this cutie even if you're working with a futon budget?!

    The camel-colored mid-century modern loveseat which has four wooden legs

    26. A full-length mirror you can lean against the wall or completely mount so it takes up no space at all. It'll come in clutch every morning when you roll out of bed at 8:59 and have to decide ASAP if you can get away with dry shampoo or need a full-blown shower before your first Zoom call of the day.

    the gold floor-length mirror leaned up against a wall

    27. A folding, portable table with two storage shelves and room for up to four people when fully extended! This thing is like the Swiss Army knife of furniture — use it as a dining room table, desk, side table, or decorative console.

    28. A multilevel tower that — if you love your cat but also your aesthetic— could easily pass an industrial bookshelf instead of a cat condo. Better yet, it won't take up a wild amount of floorspace in your already crowded apartment.

    29. A three-in-one convertible chair guaranteed to unfold at the *exact* angle you prefer when watching TV. Use it as a regular chair, a chaise, or bed (that way you don't have to pull your mattress into the living room).

    30. And a chic twin-size day bed that camouflages an additional trundle. Now, your friends will have no excuse not to stay the night.

    the black daybed which has a trundle

    You after a little reorganizing and strategic redecorating:

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