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    33 Ultra-Comfortable Bottoms For Those Who've Sworn Off Jeans Forever

    Can we all agree to leave nonstretch denim in 2020? K thx.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of pull-on Levi's skinny jeans with just a touch of elastane which allows them to stretch while still holding their shape. No baggy crotches or saggy bottoms here.

    2. Some sweater pants that make me wonder why we didn't embrace wearing loungewear in public way, way earlier. Chic and comfortable? Say no more.

    3. Vegan leather trousers that fit more like PJ pants and less like a wet suit. No matter how big your lunch is, you won't have to worry about splitting a seam or finding scissors so you can cut your way to freedom.

    4. High-waist pleated pants with bow detailing at the waist and ankles and functional pockets. Good news is if you really fall in love with them, they're available in 37 (!) colors.

    5. Some two-tone cropped pants for days when you can't decide what color you want to wear. The important thing is you're set on an elastic waist and these babies deliver.

    6. A pair of velvet Free People flares that'll have you feeling yourself whether you're (responsibly) heading out on the town or walking in an at-home fashion for an audience of Squishmallows.

    7. Cargo joggers complete with an elastic waist and ankles, drawstring, and four pockets (side and front) to give you the feel of your favorite loungewear but the look of a super cool action star.

    8. Knit Amazon Essentials jeggings with thousands of 5-star reviews that almost unanimously state they feel like leggings but look like jeans.

    9. A pair of straight-leg corduroy trousers to make me want to slam my laptop shut, find the nearest independent book shop, and peruse the shelves for hours. With such a relaxed fit, there's no doubt I'd be sitting criss-cross applesauce right on the floor once I found a title I wanted dive into.

    10. A pair of beloved Athleta pants constructed from wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying fabric just like your favorite athleisure. If you burn even just *thinking* about the sun, you'll also be happy to hear they're rated UPF 50+.

    11. A pair of pleated palazzo pants with an adjustable drawstring waist and wide legs that allow for ample airflow. It's basically like wearing a dress, but you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone if a gust of wind catches you by surprise.

    12. A pair of baggy cotton overalls with two mega pockets and a relaxed silhouette that says: "adult onesie, but make it fashion."

    13. A pair of printed jeggings with real pockets, buttons, and zippers that give the illusion that you, too, are super uncomfy in your non-stretch denim. Little does everyone know, though, that your pants feature an elastic waistband and mesh panels that don't pinch or squeeze.

    14. Drawstring linen pants which are the star of my favorite spring/summer look: "mom at a farmer's market." Just add a T-shirt, Birkenstocks, and a light wash denim jacket and you'll nail the vibe, too.

    15. Wide-leg palazzo pants to let you comfortably relish in compliments because everyone will be telling you how chic you look.

    16. A pair of wide-leg Universal Standard pants with an elastic waist and a two-tone side stripe that elevates them to boardroom-ready bottoms.

    17. Everlane's "Dream Pant," aptly named to describe the soft, durable, stretchy, wrinkle-resistant, and oh-so classic style of these pants. Talk about dreamy.

    18. Wide-leg cotton palazzo pants with so much extra room, you could use them to sneak snacks into a movie theater. That is assuming you take the time to set up some sort of harness situation.

    19. High-rise plaid pants with tapered legs and a stretchy waistband made to stay up even with a smartphone weighing down one pocket.

    20. Buttery-soft palazzo-style flared leggings with over 60 pattern options so you can have tons of comfy and ~groovy~ fits to rock.

    21. A pair of high-rise cotton pull-ons with chic tapering and button detailing that you can easily wear to the office and a summer BBQ without having to change after work.

    22. A statement-making pair of patterned ponte pants for when you want to look fancy but feel like you're still rocking your PJs (only this print is much less embarrassing than the pajama bottoms you have at home).

    Model wearing patterned ponte pants

    23. Satin Lacausa pants that are SO silky, you'll consider shaving your legs before you wear them. Is there any better feeling??? I think not.

    24. High-rise tapered pants with a gathered paperbag waist to give you an excellent range of motion. You never know when you're gonna want to bust a serious move, after all.

    25. A pair of crossover flare leggings that are really just the cool but equally comfortably older sister to those yoga pants you wore in middle school.

    Model wearing black crossover flared leggings

    26. Fuss-free linen pants made to order according to your dimensions. If you're often between sizes, this seller has you covered.

    27. Wide-leg dress pants that eliminate the possibility of thigh chafing at your next fancy event so you can comfortably shake it on all corners of the dance floor and look good doing it!

    28. Straight-leg harem pants you can pair with sneakers, flip-flops, or your finest sherpa-lined slipper socks if you have no plans to leave the house.

    29. Classic pixie flares that are so versatile you'll want to snatch one up in every color. Hello, everyday comfort.