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Zendaya Now Has Short Blonde Hair, And I'm Obsessed

There's clearly no look Zendaya can't do.

Zendaya's style has evolved a lot over the years.

closeup of zendaya

Going from stuff like this:

zendaya in open-toe wedge clogs and harlem pants
zendaya wearing a v-neck mini dress with pointy heels

To this:

wearing long wide-leg pants with a matching long coat and bandeau halter top
she's wearing leather pants with a bow-tie tube top and pointed heels
she's wearing a crushed velvet suit with a leather crop top and heeled boots

To now, this:

zendaya in full glam with a sleeveless gown
she wears a long dress with a train that has a deep v-cut
she wears a tailored suit with matching heels

But one thing that's always kind of remained the same is her hair. While she'll play around with different styles — like braids, fros, and updos — it's often in the same hue as her natural dark brown.

closeup of zendaya with her hair pulled back with a headband

That is, until this weekend, when Zendaya debuted A SHORT BLONDE LOOK on Instagram!

closeup of zendaya with a short pixie cut

She shared a pic of her hair on her Instagram Stories, showing it styled in a curly bob that sits just above her shoulders. As Allure notes, it looks like the same cut she revealed around the holidays, but with much brighter highlights.

closeup of zendaya with short curly hair

Unfortunately, you can't see her face in the pic, but I can tell it looks so good on her. Yes, Zendaya!