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A Clip From The New "Proud Family" Reboot Is Going Viral Because Of Its "Truly Honest" Depiction Of Autism

"The way they went about it has me emotional. Beautiful job. I also love the fact that they didn’t sugarcoat Oscar’s reaction. Because it is natural."

If you grew up watching the original series, you know that The Proud Family has never shied away from addressing serious subjects. Whether it was race relations, religion, or bullying, the show always made sure to include a little bit of everything, for everyone.

The Proud family on a couch

And the reboot's no different. Recently, it got people talking about an episode where Oscar and Trudy learn that one of their twins — you remember Bebe and Cece — likely has autism. While it's a lot for them to take in at that moment, the show does a great job of conveying how many people have felt in that situation, and sharing how to best help and support a child on the spectrum.

Penny and Trudy Proud

People were so proud:

In the proud family reboot Penny's little brother bebe is on the autism spectrum and I'm so touched they included that in the show

Twitter: @FineAssIdi

The Proud Family reboot mentions Bebe being on the spectrum and the way they went about it has me emotional. Beautiful job. I also love the fact that they didn’t sugarcoat Oscar’s reaction. Because it is natural.

Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @heyygeorgy

Wow the Proud Family is dope for this. I've never seen a cartoon address autism so directly

Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @aprettypr
Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @thefirstokiro

Wait I’m even more emotional about that Proud Family autism tweet bc Holly Robinson Peete is voicing the doctor 🥹, big claps for the writers & casting people

Twitter: @alottabitboojie

The New Proud family series on Disney+ covered autism. Omg so heartwarming 😭❤️

Twitter: @indiamlove

omg why is the best explanation of autism and support needs I’ve seen on tv so far the scene where BEBE FROM THE PROUD FAMILY gets diagnosed 😭 I’ve never ever seen it mentioned in a piece of media that someone’s support needs can fluctuate day to day EVER

Twitter: @WilltheVVise

Man... autism being explicitly mentioned, explained in detail, and overall treated with heavy respect - and in a mainstream family cartoon. You love to freaking see it. #TheProudFamilyLouderAndProuder

Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @Toon4Thought

They diagnosed Bebe with Autism on the Proud Family show - the writers did such a great job presenting the diagnoses to parents in a realistic point of view 🫶🏽 They also used a real 7 yr old African American boy with Autism to play his voice 🥹🥹🫶🏽 His name is Aiden Dodson.

Twitter: @ArAmariAl

Speaking as someone with Autism, this clip truly warms my heart. S/O to The Proud Family 💙💙💙💙 https://t.co/ELjjmFaUvx

Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @Malik_Nova96

I am so proud of The Proud Family talking about autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As me being an autistic Black woman myself, I am so happy that this representation is shown. I grew up watching The Proud Family when I was a child, too. https://t.co/8PEJEkVuL5

Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @HudspethLeigh

OMG that is so awesome! 😄 Some autism representation in the Proud Family ! https://t.co/R6L0dO893X

Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @scorbunnydream

The Juneteenth, colorism, and autism episodes of the Proud family was really cool. it's important for children to see

Twitter: @indyflowerss

How are you feeling about the clip? Let me know in the comments below.