The Director Of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” Finally Addressed Thandiwe Newton’s Exit Following Rumors That She Was Fired After Fighting With Channing Tatum

    News of Thandiwe Newton's departure from the film was soon followed by reports of an alleged fallout between her and Channing Tatum.

    I'm assuming, since you're here, you already know that Thandiwe Newton was supposed to be in the new Magic Mike movie before Salma Hayek replaced her.

    Thandiwe stepped back from the film last April, just days after filming began but there were conflicting reports as to why. While her spokesperson cited "family matters," insiders claimed it was because of a fallout between her and Channing Tatum.

    But the director of the film, Steven Soderbergh, says none of that is accurate.

    “Nothing I ever saw was accurate," Steven told Rolling Stone of the rumors surrounding Thandiwe's exit from the film, "and there’s really no upside for anybody involved in litigating this or excavating it, because I consider it private."

    “Everything I saw publicly was wrong," he added. "It was just…I don’t think anybody sees any benefit in running through this publicly. It becomes something you can’t control. Right now, to keep it private means all of us can control it, and I think that’s where it should sit for the time being.”

    Thandiwe herself has never directly addressed her exit from the role, but a spokesperson denied that Channing had fired her, calling those rumors "completely inaccurate."

    You can read the latest from Steven here.