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    Steve Lacy Addressed That Video Showing Him Destroying A Fan's Camera After They Appeared To Throw It At Him

    “Shoutout to the people not throwing disposable cameras at me and just coming to catch a vibe and connect."

    By now, you've likely seen that video of Steve Lacy absolutely destroying a fan's camera after someone threw one at him during a concert.

    A closeup of Steve on the red carpet

    The singer was performing in New Orleans when, at some point, a concertgoer launched the camera at him, hitting Steve in the leg. He immediately stopped the show, telling the crowd not to “throw shit on my fucking stage."

    Steve then asked to "see the camera" from someone in the front row before slamming it down and walking off the stage. "Yeah, that's it. Peace," he said, before departing.


    Someone threw something on Steve Lacy while performing so he asked for her camera and smashed it on stage and walked out …I’m crying we all thought he wasn’t performing Dark Red #fyp #stevelacy #giveyoutheworld #fypシ

    ♬ original sound - Cesy 💖

    After facing backlash from some who felt that he'd overreacted, Steve took to his social media to address the situation.

    Steve, wearing a suit and sunglasses, poses for a photographer at an event

    “Shoutout to the people not throwing disposable cameras at me and just coming to catch a vibe and connect,” he began. “I had a really good time in NOLA last night. I hate that the beauty of the connection I have with so many people in the crowd gets lost when something negative happens.”

    Steve onstage with his guitar

    Steve continued, stating that he doesn't "believe i owe anyone an apology — maybe I could've reacted better? Sure. Always. I’m a student of life, but I’m a real person with real feelings and real reactions. I’m not a product or a robot. I am human."

    He added, "I will continue to give my all at these shows. Please come with respect for urself and others please thank you love u 💓"

    That should go for everyone's shows, TBH. Please stop throwing things at celebrities. <3