Sophie Turner Opened Up About Moving Into Taylor Swift's Home Amid Her Messy Split From Joe Jonas

    “Taylor was an absolute hero to me this year."

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    Sophie Turner is grateful for Taylor Swift's help and support amid her divorce from Joe Jonas.

    Sophie Turner in a dark outfit with sleek hair at an event

    Sophie and Joe had been married for four years and welcomed two daughters, Willa, 3, and Delphine, 1, before splitting in September 2023.

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    As you'll remember, Taylor seemed to be one of the main people by Sophie's side in the immediate aftermath of the split and the subsequent custody battle, taking Sophie to dinner and out on girls' nights.

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    It was also reported that she had loaned Sophie her NYC apartment as she and Joe tried to figure out a custody arrangement for their kids.

    Closeup of Sophie Turner pushing a baby stroller

    In a new interview with British Vogue, Sophie confirmed that Taylor had indeed loaned her her apartment and thanked the singer for creating that "safe space" for her.

    Closeup of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

    “Taylor was an absolute hero to me this year,” she told the outlet.

    Taylor Swift exiting a building wearing a black jacket dress and strappy sandals

    Sophie said she had reached out to Taylor, whom she's known since at least 2019 and who, interestingly, also once dated Joe, last September when she was in New York to see if Taylor knew of a place she could rent. To her surprise, Taylor offered Sophie her place for free. “I’ve never been more grateful to anyone than I am for her because she took my children and me, and provided us with a home and a safe space,” Sophie continued.

    Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift walking down the street

    “She really has a heart of gold," she added of Taylor.

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    Sophie also briefly discussed the divorce itself, and while she couldn't share the cause of it for legal reasons, she said the days immediately after the news broke were "the worst few days of [her] life."

    Sophie Turner in a black outfit with a dotted pattern, sporting a ponytail at an event

    Sophie was especially affected by the mom-shaming comments she faced online. "It hurt because I really do completely torture myself over every move I make as a mother — mum guilt is so real! I just kept having to say to myself, 'None of this is true. You are a good mum, and you've never been a partier,'" Sophie said.

    Closeup of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

    "I mean, it's unfathomable the amount of people that will just make shit up and put it up based on a picture," she continued. "A picture might tell a thousand words, but it's not my story. It felt like I was watching a movie of my life that I hadn't written, hadn't produced, or starred in. It was shocking. I'm still in shock."

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    In hindsight, Sophie admitted, "I'm unhappy with the way everything played out, especially when it comes to my children." But, at the same time, she said, "I think we’re doing the best we can."

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner walking down the street

    Read her full comments here.

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