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Selena Gomez Shared A Completely Unfiltered Pic On Instagram, And It Was So Refreshing To See

"It's nice embracing who you are and trying to have a natural glow rather than [constantly] cover up."

Selena Gomez went all natural for her latest Instagram posts, and as you'll see once I get through my intro, she still looks AMAZINGGG.

Selena smiles on the Golden Globes red carpet wearing a velvet strapless dress with balloon sleeves that start halfway down her arms

The "Look at Her Now" singer, who's known for the occasional bold and dramatic beauty look, shared some completely unfiltered pics on Wednesday, showing off her natural hair and fresh face.

A close-up of Selena smiling widely; she's wearing a sequined outfit and hoop earrings

"Me," Selena wrote in the post, leaving the caption simple.

People thought it was so "relatable" and "refreshing" to see, liking the post almost 9 million times:

Nicola Peltz Beckham said "Most beautiful ever [two heart emojis with arrows through them]
One person said "I love everything about these pictures [heart emoji] I grew up watching wizards of waverly place and somehow I always felt that you were the most relatable celebrity; it gave me hope and inspired me to just be myself"
"I really appreciate her posting acne; I've struggled with acne my whole teenager years and even now to this day; it's nice embracing who you are and trying to have a natural glow rather [than] constant cover up"
"Finally a celebrity looks like a real person!!!! I love you so much for doing this; and not to mention this is the most beautiful I have ever seen you [heart emoji and two fire emojis]"
The ability to be vulnerable and bare is a huge victory for anyone; keep being your awesome, beautiful self
Candid you the best you

It's really not even fair how stunning she looks all natural. I personally would look like a potato.