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Salma Hayek Just Took Naked Dresses To A Whole Other Level With What She Wore To The "Magic Mike's Last Dance" Premiere

Channing Tatum was speechless, as am I.

Y'all know Salma Hayek.

A closeup of Salma, who has her hair pulled back into a bun

She was recently in House of Gucci and will next star in the Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike's Last Dance.

Salma looks over her shoulder while at an event. She's wearing a short-sleeved metallic dress with a v-neck

Well, Salma's currently making headlines for what she wore to the premiere yesterday.

The actor, 56, dressed for the occasion in an almost completely see-through fishnet dress, with gorgeous embroidered flowers and a black bra and undies underneath.

Salma on the phone

She then finished off the look by adding pops of green in her accessories, along with shiny gold jewelry and a pair of platform heels.

Salma waving on the red carpet

When I saw the outfit, I — and Salma's costar Channing Tatum — was speechless.

A closeup of Channing wearing a camouflage sweatshirt and a cross chain

"I am no comment on this situation," he told Entertainment Tonight at the premiere, as he seemingly started to blush. "I have no literal comment. ... The actual dress comments itself."

If you want, you can catch Salma and Channing in Magic Mike's Last Dance when it hits theaters Feb. 10.