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Rihanna And A$AP Rocky Just Made A Surprise Appearance At The 2023 Golden Globes

And I love how Jerrod Carmichael kind of put her on the spot about that long-delayed album.

Well, well, well. Look who showed up fashionably late to the Golden GlobesRihanna and A$AP Rocky!

A close-up of the couple posing for photographers at the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The two were seen entering the venue as Jennifer Coolidge presented the award for Best Supporting Actor in a TV series, taking their seats in one of the rows closest to the stage.

the couple at an event

Rihanna looked stunning in a black gown with dramatic puff sleeves and silver jewelry, with her hair in a slicked style...

Twitter: @itsshannonburns / NBC

...while A$AP also wore black, with his hair done neatly in cornrows.

Rihanna e A$AP Rocky no Golden Globes ♥️ #GoldenGlobes

Twitter: @ohbabyriri / NBC

IDK, maybe they were late because Rihanna was trying to dodge those inevitable questions around her next album, which Jerrod Carmichael ended up bringing up anyway!

asap and rihanna pose for photos at a fenty event as rihanna cradles her baby bump

He told Rihanna to take "all the time" she needs to finish it, despite how frustrated fans already are with the delay, which she just laughed at. "Oh my God," she said, before burying her head into her hands.

Jerrod Carmichael tells Rihanna to take all the time she wants on her new album at the #GoldenGlobes

Twitter: @rapalert6 / NBC

Don't listen to him, Rih! We want that album STAT.