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Michael B. Jordan Confronted A Reporter On The Red Carpet Who He Claimed Once Called Him "Corny," And It Was So Awkward

His energy and body language was immediately, no, even before the interview got started.

If you're a fan of Michael B. Jordan, then you've probably seen all the press he's been doing for the new Creed movie.

Closeup of Michael B. Jordan

Well, at a recent red carpet event, things turned seriously awkward when he confronted a reporter over their past comments about him.

Closeup of Michael B. Jordan

It all begins when the interviewer, Lore'l of the Morning Hustle radio show, introduces Michael and mentions that they used to go to school together in Newark. "[I was] the corny kid, right?" he replied, unexpectedly.

Michael B. Jordan in an interview

"I did not say that! [I was] misquoted, for sure," Lore'l said, laughing. But Michael was insistent, maintaining she definitely said that. "I heard it."

Michael B. Jordan being interviewed

Lore'l denied ever calling him "corny" once again, claiming that she only used to make fun of his name before changing the subject completely. “But yeah, he is obviously killing things out here.”

Michael B. Jordan in an interview

She then asked him a few questions about his career before wrapping up the interview with, “Well, you’re not corny anymore" — which he just kind of ignored as he walked away.

Michael B. Jordan walking away from an interviewer

LMAO, yikes. You can see it all right here:

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