Sexts, Termination Notices, And 19 Other Things People Have Accidentally Texted Someone

    I would never be able to come back from these.

    We've all done it: You try to send a certain message to someone — some trash talk, a "You up?" text — only to realize YOU SENT IT TO THE WRONG FREAKING PERSON.

    Reddit user u/sirmattimous recently asked, "What is the worst thing you’ve texted the wrong person?" And y'all, the responses were so wild, it's honestly made me feel so much better about my own accidental texts. Here are some of the things people said:

    1. "[I] wrote a lovely message about how much I love my wife and how much I miss her (she was on a work trip), how much she meant in my life, and I couldn't wait to see her. And then, sent that shit to my weed man."


    2. "Sent the screenshot of their chat to them by mistake...just wanted to leave the galaxy at that point."


    3. "I typed, 'You are right, Kate doesn't shut up' into the group chat rather than the guy I mean to send it to."


    A woman face-palming

    4. “'HUEHEUAHUEHHUEHUAHEUHSUEHUAHUE' — to the Domino’s driver who delivered our pizza an hour prior."


    5. "I texted my boss, 'Do you want to come over?' after a night out. Her name was close to the person I was trying to actually hit up — that was mortifying to wake up and realize."


    "She texted back the next morning, 'I don’t think this was meant for me. Hope you had a good night. ;)'"

    6. "A guy I was seeing and no longer wanted to be seeing got an AWFUL hairstyle. Like…horrific. I texted my best friend that this was the last straw, and just generally talked a LOT of shit about his look with this hair. Yup. Sent it to him."


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    7. "Once, I accidentally sent a picture of my junk to my mother-in-law instead of my wife."


    8. "I was flying to NYC to visit family and had about a thousand dollars on me in cash. I texted my daughter, as a joke, 'I’m going through airport security with that cash, and I hope they don’t think I’m a money mule.' I accidentally sent it to the landlord where our business is located. A largely cash business. 🙄🙄🙄"


    9. "My boss, husband, and father all have the same name. I have to be very careful who I’m texting. That being said, I once texted my boss to start me a bath."


    A woman in her bathrobe holding a towel

    10. "I accidentally texted my director of marketing instead of my husband and asked him to please check the roast in the crock pot and skim the nasty goo from the top of the water. He replied that he would be happy to if he knew where I lived. Livid."


    11. "Once in high school, I was staying late for some event and got a text saying something along the lines of 'I'm here.' Thinking it was a friend and excited at the prospect of hanging out, I replied, 'No shit! Get the fuck over here bitch!' It was my mom."


    12. "A few years ago, I was texting this reeeeeally awful guy and was in the middle of fully making fun of him to my mom when I realized I'd sent him an audio clip through iMessage. No clue what all he heard because those disappear after a couple minutes if the other person doesn't save them, but all he sent back were question marks."


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    13. "[I sent] dick pics to a friend instead of the person I was sexting. She took it like a champ, complimented me. Probably was just being polite haha. We never spoke of the incident again."


    14. "I shared a meme of Snoop Dogg saying 'If weed causes memory loss. Then what does weed do?' to my boss 'Russ' who shares the same name as my brother. It worked out ok in the end."


    15. "Not me but my friend. When we were younger (maybe 13), she had a habit of sometimes texting me when she was taking a shit. Just a text saying 'I’m taking my afternoon shit right now.' Well, one time she ended up sending that text to our soccer coach, who was a guy in his late 40s. His response to her text was a 'Well, that’s nice (friends name), are you still coming to soccer practice later?'"


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    16. "Accidentally texted my soon-to-be ex-wife my plans for our temp divorce agreement and basically told her everything I was going to bring to my lawyer. Meant to send it all to my mom. I felt so dumb."


    17. "I accidentally texted my son's football coach a sexual invitation meant for my husband. Thankfully, he knew us both and immediately knew it was a mistake."


    18. "[My message was] essentially that they were getting fired and I was taking over their job."


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    19. "I once bragged to a friend about a girl I had been sleeping with only to get a text back from her saying, 'Was that intended for me?'"


    20. "'Send me puppy pictures' autocorrected to 'Send me pussy pictures.'"


    21. "Told my wife exactly what I was going to do to her when I got home... oh, hi, Mom. Thank god for me my mom has mastered the art of seeing things without seeing them. Just got a 'I don't think this was meant for me,' and nothing more was ever said about it."


    What's the worst thing you've ever texted to the wrong person? Please enlighten me in the comments below!