Lizzo's Reaction To The "Love Is Blind" Season 3 Finale Is Me — Like, It's Exactly What I Thought About Each Outcome On The Show

    "That shot [Bartise] sent? He knew what he was doing. He was like, 'She's gon' need this shot.' You know, exactly, to take the pain away. That's some bull."

    Lately, Lizzo has been at home, watching Love Is Blind Season 3 like the rest of us — and she's got a bunch of opinions about it.

    Lizzo onstage

    As you're probably aware, the show wrapped on Nov. 9 and saw two couples getting married: Matt and Colleen, and Alexa and Brennon.

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    Lizzo declared that Alexa was one of her favorites of the season, before admitting that she almost cried over their wedding. "These vows? They gon' make me cry!" she exclaimed. Lizzo also offered Alexa merchandise from her Yitty shapewear line and endorsed a potential spinoff around Alexa's family. "They're all so beautiful," she said.

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    And "Bartle-bee said 'no,'" she continued, of course referring to Bartise. "We knew that [was gonna happen], but Nancy, I just wish...I just really want you to let everyone in your family and your ancestors just cuss him out."

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    Lizzo then panned the camera around to show the scene of Nancy's brother confronting Bartise at their wedding, calling him "a real one."

    Screenshot of Lizzo's "A real one" comment

    "Also," she continued, "[Bartise] knew when he was crying, when she left him that note and had all the artifacts of their memories and he started crying, that's when he knew he was gonna say no."

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    "Absolutely. And that shot he sent? He knew what he was doing. He was like, 'She's gon' need this shot.' You know, exactly, to take the pain away. That's some bullshit."

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    Then, with Zanab and Cole, Lizzo had expected Zanab to say no, but she still screamed when she left Cole at the altar. "SHEESH!" she said while watching Zanab's speech. "The applause!"

    Screenshot of the wedding with caption "Whaaaat?! SHEESH!"

    Lizzo added her thoughts on SK in a separate video. "SK, you shouldn't have done that romantic-ass speech and then said, 'I do not.' That was not cool at all. I don't care," she stated, though she did say that Raven was another one of her faves.

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    And, of course, Lizzo has thoughts on that Cuties scene, but she said she has to remake the video because the first one was too "controversial" to share.

    In the meantime, you can watch her TikToks here:


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