After A TikTok Made Fun Of How Kylie Jenner Chose Her Son Aire's Name, Kylie Herself Responded

    Kylie had people stunned after revealing her son's unique new name last week.

    By now, you've probably heard that Kylie Jenner has renamed her son Aire.

    Kylie posing for a photo by looking over her shoulder while wearing a strapless Schiaparelli dress with a faux lion's head attached to the front

    She'd previously named him Wolf, but decided to change it shortly after his birth in February of 2022, after she and Travis Scott realized he "didn't feel like" a Wolf.

    Travis and Kylie walking outside hand in hand

    The fact that she chose another weather-related name — following her daughter, Stormi — was met with plenty of jokes online...

    So like is the weather channel @KylieJenner’s muse???

    @kdenardo / Via Twitter: @kdenardo

    So @KylieJenner is naming her kids after weather? Stormi, Aire…i’m predicting “Raine” and “Sunny” maybe “wynter”for her future kids

    @Beautybyshelbye / Via Twitter: @Beautybyshelbye

    sb said kylie jenners next baby is gonna be named tornado 😭😭😭

    @daayyyyaa / Via Twitter: @daayyyyaa

    Kylie Jenner has Stormi (water) and Aire (air), so she just needs fire and earth children to finish making the Avatar

    @raythechange / Via Twitter: @raythechange

    But Kylie had a great sense of humor about it all!

    She responded to one TikTok video about how she and Travis "[decided] on a baby name," which showed the user naming all the elements in nature before landing on "Air." The user then sat up in surprise, clearly loving the name.


    What an accurate sound 😂 IB: @Massimo Mandato #kylie #travis #aire

    ♬ original sound - Giselle Carrillo

    Kylie laughed at the clip, leaving these emojis in the comments:

    In all seriousness, I personally really love the name. Aire is so cute, and he's adorable.