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Kylie Jenner Revealed How To Pronounce Her Son's Name, And Yep, A Lot Of You Were Saying It Wrong

Kylie has cleared the...air. 🤭

Kylie Jenner revealed the right way to say her son's name after we all pretty much butchered it yesterday.

Closeup of Kylie Jenner

She shared on Instagram last night that she'd renamed him Aire, after switching his name from Wolf shortly after his birth last February.

Closeup of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

She also posted some super cute pics that revealed his face for the first time.

Closeup of Kylie Jenner

But then, people didn't know if you pronounce it as Air, Airy, or some other way.

so aire as in aerie?? or aire as in land air and sea??

Twitter: @j_adadoyle

It was pure confusion:

So how to pronounce Aire? Is it Air, Eye-ré or is it Eye-ree? 🤔

Twitter: @mydancingshadow

Kylie named that baby Aire… is it pronounced Air or Heir? 🤣

Twitter: @MrGoldenArches
Twitter: @bodakindigo

Is kylie’s baby Aire as in air or am I just uncultured? Either way I kind of love it

Twitter: @mimimou5e

Luckily, Kylie came and cleared up how to say it. In a comment to a fan page, she wrote that it's pronounced like air — like billionaire...or Kylie Air...or heir to her fortune.

Screenshot of Kylie Jenner's comment on Instagram

So, now you know!