I'm Dying At Someone Asking Kourtney Kardashian Why She Speaks In "Slow Motion" And How She Responded To It

    Kourtney just gained so many more cool points in my book.

    Kourtney Kardashian has been living her best, unbothered life for a while now.

    A closeup of Kourtney at at a red carpet event

    Yet she still gets A LOT of hate, as she showed in a new TikTok video for her Lemme vitamin brand.

    Kourtney rocking a top knot at a an amfAR event

    But instead of hitting back, Kourtney responded to the comments with humor.

    A closeup of Kourtney smiling

    She first read a comment asking, "Can the Kardashians just retire?" Kourtney shrugged and responded, "That would be nice."

    She also responded to criticism for wearing an Agnostic Front shirt, with one user questioning if she even knew who they were. "Absolutely not," Kourtney admitted with a laugh. "And we're not playing that game today. ... It is a shirt from my husband's closet and I will wear his shirts for life."

    Another comment asked why Kourtney speaks in "slow motion," which she (and I) laughed at before answering, "Because it's a vibe."

    Kourt also responded to a bunch of other comments, which I'll let you watch for yourself here: