Kim Kardashian’s Garden Just Called Me Poor In, Like, 50 Different Languages

    I guess I understand how she uses so much water now.

    Kim Kardashian gave another glimpse inside her $60 million home — this time, showing off the lush garden in the back.

    Close-up of Kim in a strapless outfit and her hair slicked back

    "An afternoon walk in the garden," Kim said in an Instagram video this week as she casually showed off a path that winds into THIS:

    A garden path

    Kim kept moving by an assortment of different plants and vegetables, noting that she was "gonna start picking some fruits." "There's so many amazing ones," she added, showing off fruits like apricots, avocados, apples, and pomegranates.

    Close-up of plants including an Anna Apple as per the label

    Then she proceeded to show all the other things she's got growing back there — like broccoli...

    Close-up of broccoli


    Close-up of artichoke plant

    ...and other leafy greens:

    Rows of leafy greens growing

    "I love my garden," Kim added over a picture of an orange tree.

    The orange tree with the caption "I love my garden"

    What a flex. It must be so nice to be rich!!!