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    Keke Palmer Just Got Real About The Challenges She's Been Facing As A First-Time Mom

    "I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m gettin’ COOKED!"

    Keke Palmer had some super relatable things to say about motherhood in her latest Instagram post.

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    She spoke about her experiences since welcoming her son, Leodis, last month, admitting that the days since his birth have been a struggle.

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    "I just came on here to say, if you're a single parent, pull out your cape. Matter of fact, clip off your angel wings because I don't know how you guys are doing it," she began.

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    "And I really don't want this to sound like pandering, or something like this, because I know there's a million and one reason why somebody wants to be a single parent or has become a single parent," she continued, noting that maybe they "lost somebody, maybe they don't want to deal with somebody, maybe it's a choice."

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    "But when it comes to raising a kid, I've already learned in these short few days that it takes a village," she added. "And sometimes that's a privilege. And I just want anybody out there that's a single parents that's been doing this—friends of mine, people that I don't know, family members of mine—really in my heart, it brings tears to my eyes. I am just truly, profoundly impressed."

    Fans were quick to react to her post and praised Keke for her honesty and for making them feel seen.

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    Sending so much love to you, Keeks, and everyone who can relate! Y'all got this!!!