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    Keke Palmer Gave Her Best Angela Bassett Impression And It's Honestly Too Good

    She makes me so proud.

    There's something about Keke Palmer that has always drawn comparisons to Angela Bassett. She has this charismatic aura and just exudes a certain vibe and energy that feels a lot like the legendary actor's.

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    So, of course, when Keke did an impression of Angela Bassett, I was living for it.

    She was participating in an interview with Wired, where she answered some of the most-searched Google questions about herself.

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    Asked to name a celebrity she looks like, Keke mentioned Angela, also noting that she does a great impression of her.

    Closeup of Keke Palmer

    “So there’s one impression I do from American Dream: The Michael Jackson Story, where she finds out that her husband’s been cheating on her," she shared, referring to Angela's character Katherine Jackson. "And she, like, answers the phone and hears him on the other line talking to somebody.”

    Closeup of Keke Palmer

    “He comes back into the house, he's like, 'Hey, baby.' And she’s like, ‘You a liar, and you a cheat. And I don’t want you, I don’t want you, I don’t want you no more,’” she continued, putting on her best Angela Bassett acting voice. “And with Angela, it’s all in the lips, it’s all in the lips," Keke went on, mimicking the actor's facial expressions.

    Closeup of Angela Bassett

    She also does one from What’s Love Got to Do with It, the Tina Turner biopic, where Angela played the singer. Keke recalled a scene where Tina's husband, Ike Turner, gets into a violent fight with her and a friend at a diner. “And then Angela Bassett’s like, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay,’” she mimicked before quivering her lips again.

    Closeup of Keke Palmer

    It's hilarious because, as one Twitter user pointed out, it really does seem to be all in the lips with Angela. See?

    Marvel / Via Twitter: @iamtycole

    LMAO. Love you, Keke. Never change. You can watch the video here around the 7:20 mark.