Julia Fox's Outfit For The 2022 New York Ballet Fall Fashion Gala Continues Her Bold Style Streak

    Just Julia Julia-ing again.

    Few celebrities have been as entertaining to watch lately, to me, as Julia Fox.

    A closeup of Julia rocking heavy eye makeup

    You can always count on the actor and model, 32, to say or do something daring — especially when it comes to her outfits.

    Julia wearing a daring dress with front cutouts

    Like that one time during Milan Fashion Week when she wore a balaclava that extended into a top with just barely enough chest coverage.

    Or when she wore this Saran Wrap-ified outfit during New York Fashion Week.

    And now, she's popped up wearing a dress that looks like it was made completely out of foil.

    Yup, Julia wore the number last night for the 2022 New York Ballet Fall Fashion Gala. As you can see, it featured overly dramatic puffy sleeves, a train that's equally outrageous, and came complete with a matching bag and gloves.

    She also did a thing with her eyebrows:

    Julia's eyebrows are dyed to a color very close to her skin tone, making them barely visible

    It's probably not something you'd typically see there, but with Julia, that kind of seems to be the point.