Julia Fox Opened Up About Her Sex Life And Explained Why Sex Isn't All That "Thrilling" To Her

    "Like, it just — it’s not thrilling for me.”

    After giving her uncensored opinion on various topics like motherhood and male likability, Julia Fox is now sharing her thoughts on sex.

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    During an appearance on Emily Ratajkowski's High Low podcast, Julia said she honestly finds it "trivial" and kind of overrated.

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    "Sex for me always has been one-sided, but I think that all women can say that," she explained. "So, it's like, if I don't really need anything from you, I don't see the point."

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    "I'm actually really desensitized to sex," Julia added. "Like, it just — it’s not thrilling for me.”

    Julia said that she could even "go without" it. "I'm, like, so good."

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    "Like, I wanna take ayahuasca and see God," she added. "That, to me, is thrilling. That’s cool. It just seems so trivial to me. I probably won't even come because they don't know how, and it's just...ew, gross."

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    And she's so real for that.

    You can watch the moment between her and Emily right here:

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