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Here's What's Happening With All The JoJo Siwa Pregnancy Speculation On TikTok

"if i see jojo siwa pretending to be pregnant on my snapchat one more time imma scream."

You know JoJo Siwa.

She's been trending online a lot lately after a series of Snapchat photos caused some fans to believe she's pregnant.

JoJo denied the rumors earlier this month by stitching a TikTok of her laughing and shaking her head at the pics.

But she's continued to confuse fans with her posts.

Insider reports that on Monday, JoJo shared a video where her friend Ezra Sosa touches her belly, saying, "You know that everyone thinks I'm the dad, right?" She then said in a follow-up post that Ezra was indeed "the father of my baby!!"

The whole thing obviously got a lot of backlash from fans on social media, with some calling it "weird" and "inappropriate."

doesn’t anybody else think it’s extremely disrespectful and insensitive for JoJo Siwa to be pretending to be pregnant ?????

Twitter: @chaoticchloeeee

jojo siwa constantly posting about being pregnant as a joke is really giving me the ick

Twitter: @onwaifuru

if i see jojo siwa pretending to be pregnant on my snapchat one more time imma scream

Twitter: @kayleeduggerr

anyone else think it’s extremely weird and inappropriate for jojo siwa to be constantly joking publicly about being pregnant when she knows how many people are struggling. pregnancy isn’t a joke.

Twitter: @kayharrs

jojo siwa is just pretending to be pregnant every day of the fucking week and i’ve quite literally had it

Twitter: @hexcait

Jojo siwa pretending to be pregnant is one thing but her pretending to be pregnant AND buying baby clothes and doing a haul???? Weird af

Twitter: @k1ssmycasss

This is the 4th snapchat Jojo Siwa has posted pretending to be pregnant for clicks on her story. (I’ve watched through her extremely long story just for her to say she’s not prego, just excited to be one day) Does anyone else find this extremely weird and kinda insensitive???

Twitter: @SabelleTTV / @itsjojosiwa

jojo siwa or whatever her name is has a very weird obsession w being pregnant, buying baby stuff and showing off her belly and she isn't even pregnant?? girl what're you doing

Twitter: @m0rethanamama

every day i go to snapchat stories and see a cover photo jojo siwa pretending she's pregnant for like the third week in a row when it's so obviously clickbait like literally why is this going on for so long

Twitter: @getsfuzzy

I’m tired of seeing Jojo Siwa pretending to be pregnant on Snapchat

Twitter: @icecoldjjfish

So far, JoJo hasn't responded to the backlash, but we'll let you know if she does!