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    Dane Cook Addressed The 27-Year Age Difference Between Him And His Fiancé, Kelsi Taylor

    Dane and Kelsi got engaged this summer after a five-year relationship that reportedly began when she was 18.

    Dane Cook and his fiancé, Kelsi Taylor, might have one of the biggest age differences in Hollywood.

    The couple posing together for a photo

    He's 50...

    And she's 23.

    Kelsi on the red carpet

    That means there's 27 years between them, if you're doing the math, with the pair first getting together when she was 18 and he was 45.

    The couple walking hand-in-hand outside

    Dane has come under plenty of fire for dating Kelsi, with many accusing him of grooming her from the time she was a teenager.

    But despite the backlash, Dane said that he and Kelsi actually joke about the age gap between them — which is why he intends to use it as material in his upcoming comedy special, Dane Cook: Above It All.

    Dane performing standup

    "We have a bit of an age difference, so it's in the show, it's in the show," he told E! Online. "If we can't laugh at it, then nobody else is allowed."

    He's also started preparing jokes for when they get married. "I was just trying some material out on her the other day where I was like, ‘Hey, I think I have maybe my first what it's like to be married joke,'" he shared. "So, she got the exclusive. We tried it out and she said, ‘I approve of that. That's a good one.'"

    Dane has joked about the age gap between him and Kelsi before, telling Jimmy Fallon how people respond to them as a couple because of it. “My girlfriend and I, we get a lot of crap from people because we have an age difference," he said. "I’m 46, and she’s 20. I love her, she’s the kindest, sweetest. She’s my favorite, my best friend.”

    "Once in a while, I'll say to myself: Where have you been all of my life? And then I realize she wasn't alive for the first 28 years of it," he joked.