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    People Are Losing It Over That NSFW Sex Scene In "Swarm"

    Dying at how many times it got bookmarked.

    Warning: This post contains spoilers for Swarm Episode 1.

    Even if you're not really into TV shows, you've probably heard about the new Prime Video series Swarm.

    Screenshot from "Swarm"

    Created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, it's a psychological thriller that follows a woman named Dre as she develops a dark obsession with a Beyoncé-level R&B singer named Ni'Jah. Starring Dominique Fishback, Chloe Bailey, and Damson Idris, it debuted yesterday to solid reviews.

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    But there's one thing that has people really talking: THAT BEDROOM SCENE WITH DAMSON AND CHLOE.

    The cast of "Swarm"

    I obviously can't post it here, but basically, the scene shows their characters, Marissa and Khalid, passionately talking to each other while doing it. Khalid then sees Dre appear in the hallway, but rather than stopping, he just smiles and continues until Dre eventually walks away.

    Screenshot from "Swarm"

    That part was weird, but everything else had people freaking out.

    Me watching the Damson Idris & Chloe Bailey’s sex scene 2 secs into the #Swarm

    Twitter: @dmsnidris

    not even 5 minutes into swarm and chloe’s character is getting back shots…

    Twitter: @crazy4keenry / Bravo

    the beginning scene with chloe and damson #SwarmOnPrime

    Twitter: @samuraijongin / Fremantle

    Me seeing that Damson and Chloe Bailey scene 😭

    Twitter: @DomGiavonni

    Some had plenty of jokes, as usual:

    Everyone watching #SwarmOnPrime Chloe Bailey scene ...

    Twitter: @LFCFanClub3 /  New Line Cinema

    Chloe Bailey getting her back blown out in this new show? hold up lemme go check it out

    Twitter: @samstaydipped
    Twitter: @JoshGreshamORG

    Others were just salty:

    Me opening twitter and seeing Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris

    Twitter: @itsmejase_

    Damson Idris is shooting such scenes with Chloe Bailey and going home to Lori Harvey ??

    Twitter: @carltonkitheka1

    Chloe talked about the experience of filming the scene in a Deadline interview published earlier this month. She shared that at first she was "scared" to shoot it, as it was her first love scene, but she credited Damson for making her feel more "comfortable."

    Chloe Bailey on how Damson Idris made her comfortable filming her first love scene in ‘Swarm’ #SXSW

    Twitter: @DEADLINE

    "I was very scared because I haven’t had that many partners, I’m not like that… that sexual and open," she explained. "Damson made it really comfortable. You know, there were limited people on set; it was a closed set. We were laughing in between. We literally had a bouncy ball in between us. […] I have to give a lot of kudos to him as a man for making me as a woman feel comfortable being literally raw and naked.”

    Closeup of Chloe Bailey

    Swarm's available to stream now on Prime Video if you wanna check it out!