14 Things Chloe Bailey Told Us In Her Then And Now Interview, From The Last Celebrity In Her Dms To The Line That Was Improvised In "Praise This"

    "I'll never forget that."

    Then and Now with Chloe Bailey

    This week, Chloe Bailey sat down with BuzzFeed to talk about her role in Peacock's new musical comedy film, Praise This. She told us her favorite behind-the-scenes moment from shooting in Atlanta, the hilarious line Quavo improvised in the film, and so, so much more! Here's everything we learned in our chat. 

    (Mild spoilers ahead for Praise This.)

    THEN: Your first credited role was in The Fighting Temptations with Beyoncé and Cuba Gooding Jr. in 2003. Although you were only three, do you have any favorite memories from working on that movie?

    I have so many favorite memories from working on that movie. One, the guy who played Cuba Gooding Jr.'s younger self, [Nigel Washington], I used to have the biggest crush on him. I think he was, like, my first crush. 

    Then I remember the peppermint they gave me for the candy to suck on — I hated mint. ... I spit it out so fast, and I had these strawberry candies that looked exactly like it that they ended up putting it into the paper wrapper instead.

    As well as, at the wrap party, at the premiere, Beyoncé would just hold me and dance with me, and in that moment, little Chloe was like, who is she? I love her!

    Chloe sitting on steps with another little boy in the movie

    NOW: What’s your favorite memory with your Praise This costars?

    There's so many...I just remember us always just laughing so hard, no matter what scene we shot. I loved shooting the Painted Duck arcade scene and I will never forget when we shot "Break Every Chain" at our first competition and broke out in a praise dance at the end. We did that about five times. I remember how tired we were, but it was just so fun each time. I'll never forget that.

    THEN: What was your favorite scene to shoot with either Yara Shahidi or Diggy Simmons on Grown-ish?

    Oooh, my favorite scene...I think it was Episode 10 or 11 of Season 1, it was about Jazz and Sky and how Black women are the least picked and chosen when it comes to dating prospects, and how the culture likes what Black women have to offer, but society and the men don't pick us first, they choose us last. That was the episode where Diggy was introduced and it was really exciting [to explore].

    Chloe and Diggy cuddling on a couch

    NOW: What was your favorite scene to shoot with either Druski or Quavo in Praise This?

    With Druski, I would have to say when we were cleaning the bowling shoes and the First Lady comes up and I'm like, 'I think she just called me a hoe.' I also loved a part of that same section at the Painted Duck [when] Sam had just finished singing "Who Can I Run To?" and she was so emotional, it was [Druski's character] Big Love who was there to console her. And I just remember just knowing how warm that hug felt and how much filled with love it felt. So Druski, I will always love til the day I die. He's such a genuine spirit. 

    And my favorite scene with Quavo was the last scene you see us together in, in the movie and the line is just, "Let's keep in touch." And he goes, "Let's keep in, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, touch!" [mimicking the dance from Omarion's "Touch" music video.] That was an adlib and I think that just goes to show how goofy of a person he is.

    chloe opposite quavo

    THEN: You have numerous TV and film credits already at just 24 years old. What’s been your favorite role to date?

    I loved playing Sam, I really loved playing Marissa in Swarm. And I have a new favorite that I'm excited to talk about when the time is right, but those have been my two favorite, the latest two I've done.

    chloe as marrisa looking in the mirror with her friend in Swarm

    NOW: What’s your dream role and cast?

    My dream role is to play Storm in Marvel. I would just love that! And then even preparing for the fighting scenes and stuff and the training, I love doing my own stunts and things like that. I would just love that.

    People who I would love to work with, aside from my dream Storm role, are Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Michael B. Jordan. I really loved working with Dominique Fishback, she is such a force. And Angela Bassett, again.

    THEN: You’ve worked with so many people throughout your film and TV career, from Yara Shahidi to Queen Latifah to Trevor Jackson and Angela Bassett. Which one of your past costars would answer if you FaceTimed them right now?


    chlor taking a group selfie

    NOW: Who was the last celebrity to DM you?

    I just deleted Instagram off my phone yesterday, but I think it was JT [of the City Girls].

    THEN: It was reported last year that you would be starring in a movie about the real life of Lauren Simmons, who’s been described in the press as the “Wolfette of Wall Street.” What drew you to the role and what can you tease about it?

    Yes, shout out to her. I am such an analytical nerd when it comes to math and science, and I think that's why I love to engineer when it comes to music because it's my love of both. But I think she's a perfect example of showing that women can be any and everything. You can look stylish and wear high heels and be the smartest one in the room on Wall Street, so I cannot wait to bring her character to life. That'll be really, really fun.

    NOW: Who would you want to play in a biopic?

    Hmm...it wouldn't be a biopic, but if there was ever a remake of The Bodyguard, I would love to play that.

    closeup of chloe

    THEN: Beyoncé has been a mentor to both you and your sister Halle. What has it been like learning from her and how has she influenced or impacted your approach to your recent work?

    Her work ethic is out of this world and her knowledge of the business and the music industry itself, it's so insightful. And to know how she is a master with the creative side as well as the business side is really inspiring to me. It motivates me to be a well-rounded individual, and I love her to death.

    NOW: Praise This, at its core, seems like a movie about community and making sure to remember all the great things around us, always. What's something or someone — or both — right now that you're really grateful for?

    My godmom! My siblings, all of them. Beyoncé! This whole cast! My team! And my kitten, Apollo.

    THEN: You’ve worked with Halle not just with music, but also with acting. What's it been like working so closely with your family? What were the pros and cons?

    The pros of working with Halle is that we can be completely honest with each other. Even when it comes to the music and creative side, if there's something that she might like and I don't like or vice versa, we can be honest with each other about it, communicate, and we'll try out both ways and then we'll see which one wins.

    closeup of the two singing on stage

    NOW: Can fans expect more Chloe x Halle music?

    Oh, absolutely!

    But for now, it seems you're both focused on working on your own individual projects. So, what’s some advice you’d want Halle to remember or something you’d just want her to know?

    I want Halle to know that she is beautiful, inside and out. She's like a quiet storm. It's like...she's more powerful than she thinks she is and what she gives herself credit for.

    We loved this chat, Chloe! Be sure to check her out in Praise This, out now on Peacock.

    Note: Some answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.