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    Charlie Puth Said That He's "Just Very Horny All The Time" While Explaining His Thirst Trap Pics, So That's Where We're At Today

    He said he “doesn’t mean to antagonize anybody” at all.

    Some things people think about Charlie Puth:

    That he's just the cutest human being ever.

    But that he can be incredibly queerbait-y with his social media posts.

    charlie puth is such a queerbait & baby I am HOOKED!

    Twitter: @mattmattmatts

    For anyone unfamiliar, queerbaiting is defined by as "the practice of implying non-heterosexual relationships or attraction to engage or attract an LGBTQ audience or otherwise generate interest without ever actually depicting such relationships or sexual interactions."

    The accusations specifically stem from his photos, which — in the words of GQ — can range from "shirtless, blatant thirst traps" to "just straight-up zooms into his crotch" while he's wearing the tiniest underwear.

    Like this:

    But Charlie says he's not queerbaiting at all. He's just "very horny," he told GQ. "All the time."

    Charlie also said he “doesn’t mean to antagonize anybody” with his posts — he just likes to show off his body because of how hard he works to maintain it.

    "These gym sessions are expensive in LA!" he added.

    So yeah, nothing to see here!