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Camila Cabello Had An Awkward Moment On "The Voice" After A Contestant Performed A Shawn Mendes Song

John Legend agreed that the contestant "sounded like him" but felt that Camila made the whole thing so very "awkward."

Camila Cabello almost did a double take when she heard a certain contestant singing on The Voice.

Camila Cabello on The Voice pretending to hit the button

In an episode that aired this week, contestant Tanner Howe took the stage to perform the song "Mercy" by Shawn Mendes — and apparently did so well that Camila thought it was her ex.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes performing together onstage

"Is that my — is that Shawn up there?" Cabello wondered, turning to Blake Shelton for confirmation. "I thought that was Shawn."

Camila asking if the singer is Shawn

She remained in shock even after the performance was over:

Camila with her mouth open

"I was like, is Shawn onstage right now?" she told Tanner after his audition.

Camila laughing on The Voice

"You sounded like him," John Legend added.

The Voice judges sitting on couches together

Tanner then remarked that Camila would know, given that she dated the singer — to which she said that she actually knows Shawn "better than everybody in this room."

closeup of Camila Cabello

"But the reason I didn't turn around was I felt like you sounded a little bit too much like him," Cabello continued, explaining why she chose not to join the other judges in turning for him. "Obviously, he has an amazing voice. I love this song. But I would be curious when you pick your coach for you to just kind of distinguish yourself."

Tanner replied that he "totally" understood what Camila meant but noted that he does see himself in the same "lane" as Shawn. She, in turn, made a joke that she "was in [Shawn's] lane, deeply" when they were together.

Camila Cabello performing onstage

"Hey! Alright now," John said, chiming in. "She's trying to make it as awkward as possible."

You can check it all out below:

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