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    Beyoncé Walked Off Stage After The Sound Suddenly Cut Out At Her "Renaissance" Concert, And Everyone’s Making The Same Joke

    "She was pissed."

    Yesterday, the sound went out during the Arizona stop on Beyoncé's Renaissance tour, forcing her to temporarily pause the show.

    As seen in fan videos, she was performing "Alien Superstar" — the bop of all bops — when the sound suddenly cut out.

    While the crowd tried to continue singing, Beyoncé ultimately ended up leaving the stage after the music failed to come back on immediately.

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    Knowing how seriously she takes her shows, people joked online that somebody's definitely "getting fired" for the mishap, referencing a line Beyoncé yelled during a previous concert after her lights failed.

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    This was during her Sasha Fierce era.

    "Beyoncé is gonna fire everyone," one person wrote on X. "From the production to the stadium staff. Even the football players that use it. They’re all fired."

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    "Sound guy is DEFINITELY getting fired," another user wrote in part.

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    Who knows — but Beyoncé did eventually return to the stage, in what seemed to be a brand-new costume, to finish her performance.

    Truly, a professional. 👑