Bella Thorne Described The "Terrible" Experience That Made Her Stop Kissing Fans

    Bella used to kiss fans until one got completely out of line with her.

    Bella Thorne says she's done kissing fans after an unpleasant encounter with one a while back.

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    She recalled the moment in a recently resurfaced interview on the Going Mental podcast from February 2022.

    "I used to kiss fans," she said, "especially as a lot of fans would ask me to kiss them for a photo — mostly on the cheeks, sometimes on the lips."

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    "Sometimes when it's a really cute gay girl, and they're like, 'Fucking came out because of you bro, can you please kiss me?' I'm like, 'How am I gonna say no to that?'" Bella shared. "I'm like 'Yes, I'm gonna fucking kiss you, it's fine.'"

    Bella smiles during a sit-down interview for Sirius XM

    But she says that changed after one fan completely crossed the line with her.

    She recalled leaving the movies with a friend at the time when a "big group of teenage boys" came up to her, asking for a photo.

    "We're like okay, and they're taking the photo, and in the middle of the photo, they're like, 'Can you kiss me on the cheek?'" she remembered.

    "Me and my friend at the time were like 'uh...' It's this very big group of boys, and it's just us so... You know, as a woman, the moment you feel pressured...just in any scenario where the tables are turned and physically you feel vulnerable. This was one of those moments."

    Still, Bella said she did it: "And he turned and put his tongue literally all over my face."

    "It was terrible," Bella continued. She also mentioned that afterward, the boys just started "laughing and laughing."

    "Boundaries were created then," she added.

    But while Bella no longer kisses fans, she did say that she's still "down" to take pictures with them.

    You can listen to her talk about the situation here.