Bad Bunny Just Shaded Harry Styles At Coachella

    Messy, messy, messy.

    Bad Bunny shaded Harry Styles at Coachella on Friday, and I'm screaming at how petty it is.

    He was performing "El Apagón" from his most recent album, Un Verano Sin Ti, when he decided to take a moment to criticize Harry, following his Album of The Year loss at the 2023 Grammys.

    Bad bunny on stage

    During the set, Bad Bunny pulled up an old tweet on the screen, which basically argued that he has more versatility in his music than the "Strong" singer. "goodnight benito could do as it was but harry could never do el apagon" the tweet read, referring to Bad Bunny by his first name.

    Bad bunny singing on stage

    To some, it was a bold move:

    bad bunny shading harry styles on the main stage that’s enough for me to stan

    Twitter: @taysplay

    Lmao bad bunny throwing shade at Harry styles! But did he lie??? Not one bit

    Twitter: @_karinnaa

    Now why would Bad Bunny show this messy tweet😭😭 Harry Styles getcho lick back!

    Twitter: @ScottOnHiatus

    But others criticized him, bringing up how Bad Bunny used to support Harry and also, some of Harry's accolades to show why they think he's the better artist.

    Not bad bunny going to a Harry styles concert as a supporter/fan and then trying to tear him down at Coachella Foh I don’t like that attitude

    Twitter: @Andrreasimoes_

    BYE cause bad bunny just dissed Harry styles🙄. But who was at who’s concert tho smh🤭

    Twitter: @jo_21203

    Didn’t Bad Bunny go to Harry Styles concert last year as a fan and now he’s throwing shade to Harry. Get out of my face bye

    Twitter: @bigbird_hales

    Bad Bunny could shade Harry Styles all he wants but Harry Styles still won the AOTY.

    Twitter: @MaeVoting

    It's not the first time Bad Bunny has called someone out in his music, either. He also appeared to take shots at Devin Booker last month in a song after he reportedly started dating Devin's ex Kendall Jenner.

    Closeup of bad bunny

    So far, Harry himself has not yet responded to Bad Bunny, but we'll let you know if he does!