Twitter Had Some Of The Best Reactions To Angelina Jolie Accompanying Zahara To Spelman's Homecoming, Because Of Course It Did

    "Never in my life did I think I would see a picture of Angelina Jolie next to a picture [of] Boosie."

    At HBCUs, homecomings are a lot different from the ones at other colleges and universities.

    It's basically like one big family reunion, where you get to reunite and have fun with all the friends you made while also celebrating the magic of HBCU culture and the institution's legacy.

    So when Angelina Jolie randomly popped up at Spelman College's homecoming last week, it obviously caught people by surprise.

    Angelina waving

    You can see her here with her daughter Zahara, who started her first year at Spelman this year:

    🆕 Angelina Jolie attends Spelman College Homecoming that goes through 16-23. Her daughter Zahara Marley is attending the said College. "so down to earth and beautiful" 😍 #AngelinaJolie #SpelmanHomecoming

    Twitter: @DaggerIsLove

    And she was also seen in photos with different students and families.

    As this Twitter user said, for me it's really how normal and mindful of that space she was being:

    Twitter: @KiaSpeaks

    Here are some other tweets that I'm loving too:


    Angelina Jolie walked by me today at Spelhouse homecoming and I just KNOW this is the Blackest shit she ever seen in her life.

    Twitter: @dijadontneedya


    I just seen a pic of Angelina Jolie standing next to a painting of boosie and it made me so happy 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @Top__goddess


    Angelina Jolie proudly standing next to a painting of Lil Boosie at Spelhouse homecoming looking REGAL is HILARITY

    Twitter: @GeauxGabrielle


    I love Angelina Jolie being so supportive of her daughter at Spelman. These spaces are so sacred to us so prioritizing her daughter’s experience while immersing herself is just so special.

    Twitter: @Bffoxxx


    Angelina Jolie is just outside taking candid pictures with random people at Spelhouse Homecoming and looks amazing in every shot. That is what folks mean when they say face card never declines.

    Twitter: @KMJeezy


    Y’all this moment was so pure and showed me how Angelina was really a Spelman mom 💙🫶🏾! Thank you for stopping to take a picture 😩! Y’all her and Zahara were so nice and Gorg!

    Twitter: @briatheengineer


    “Look I know you’re tryna be inconspicuous, so when we take this selfie just look down instead of me holding the camera up. Cool?” Angelina Jolie: “Great plan!”

    Twitter: @BlackrThaBerry


    Spelman got to see Drake and Angelina Jolie is just walking around their campus with her kid…did I pick the wrong college?…maybe

    Twitter: @itsjustjordxn