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3 Kinds Of People You Should Delete From Your Contact List


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These are the people who continuously need something from you but never have anything to offer in return. As soon as you need something from them, they are nowhere to be found. Even when you tell them about your problems, they find some way to make the issue about them. If you find yourself in a situation like this, it’s time to cut them off. There’s a fine line between being nice and being taken for granted. ⠀⠀

People Who Are Always Negative

Energy is transferable and the law of attraction is real. If someone around you is constantly giving off bad vibes and sucking the life out of you with their problems, you’re likely to develop negative feelings yourself. Tell them to delete your number. ⠀

Wishy-Washy People

When they’re at odds with their other friends, they come to you to fill the void (and they probably bring all the drama too). Or when they’re in a relationship, they disappear for months. I’m not saying you have to cut someone off for not having time for you, but if you feel like a person is using you when it’s convenient for them, it may be time to delete the number. And if they gossip to you, they’re probably gossiping about you anyways.

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