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Custom Quizzes!

custom quizzes? for me! no way!

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Hi, I'm Chelsea, I really love making Buzzfeed quizzes and have had a lot of my quizzes on trending. I'm a typical millennial with a lot of creative juices. I try to make my quizzes polished and to the best of my abilities.

Custom Made Quizzes? Yes please!

As I said before, I L-O-V-E making quizzes so, I've decided on the idea of making quizzes for you guys! Yes, I make quizzes already but what I mean is you giving me quiz requests so I can make any quiz you would like! (Don't worry it's completely free of charge!)

How to Request for a Quiz & Other Important Information

1. Email me your requests (you can ask for more than one quiz) on-

2. I'll make the quiz for you!

3. I will email you the quiz i made so you can play it!

'Other Information'

Obviously, I won't be getting quizzes up the wazoo straight away, but when if do, I will try my best to make the quizzes as soon as possible. I'd really appreciate it if you could spread the word! I can work with anything but keep in mind that it has to be realistic, so if you ask for me to make a quiz with 100 questions I probably won't do it.

Just remember to email me on-

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