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11 Reasons You Should Hire John Roadman

Need an amazing Network Systems/Electrical Engineer? Here are 10 reasons why this guy should be YOUR next employee!

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1. Over 30 years of industry experience!

From working with companies such as Motorola, Adtran, Harris and AT&T, Roadman was most recently employed at Northrop Grumman where he served as a systems engineer. As a deputy for Warn Spiral Development, he developed RF modeling tools for a warning system to predict node placement performance and network design.

"I have a proven background as a Lead Network Systems Engineer and Manager with both RF and wired data networks. With a design and hands on implementation background in both ICDMA, CDMA, 802.11b/g,a, and all levels of RF and wired data protocols, I can provide solid technical and managerial direction to all levels of technical projects and new product development. I will consider any position that may utilize my extensive skills and experience, coupled with my leadership capabilities, as an asset in becoming more successful. I welcome the opportunity." -John Roadman, LinkedIn Summary

2. The Finest Education!

Roadman is a 1988 Auburn University graduate! War Eagle!

Earning his degree in Electrical Engineering, the school's Office of Communications and Marketing proudly reports the U.S. News & World Report's ranking that AU's Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is in the top 15 colleges of its class. Auburn's bachelor of wireless engineering degree is the first in the country.

Continuing his education to become CCNA (Cisco), CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Professional) and amateur radio certified, there's no doubt that Roadman received his education and training from the finest!

Former educator and current associate professor in the engineering department, Dr. Thaddeus Roppel, weighs in:

"I was fortunate to be one of John's professors early in my teaching career. He was a truly exceptional student who inspired me to do my best job as a teacher because of his diligence, intelligent questioning, and excellent work ethic. I have followed his career over the years, and I have been quite pleased to see his talent and hard work flourish at a variety of highly reputable organizations. I would be enthusiastic to hire him if I were staffing an organization in his field." -Thaddeus Roppel recommendation (Nov. 3, 2009)

3. Innovative

Roadman is constantly dreaming up new ideas. He's an outstanding problem-solver and works as well in a team as he does managing it.

Former manager at Walter Kane and Associates, Walter J. Kane describes Roadman:

"John is a pleasant, talented team player who works diligently to achieve the desired results. He has managed several technical assignments in association with my company. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any position or opportunity that would be well served by his warm personality, technical knowledge and industry experience." -Walter Kane, LinkedIn recommendation (Oct. 1, 2009)

4. Acute Attention to Detail

Roadman is constantly observing. He strives to keep the big picture in mind, while displaying his acute attention to detail.

Currently a senior embedded engineer at Clever Devices, Kevin Farley working with Roadman at Tantivy Communications.

"I was consistently impressed with his ability to assimilate the myriad aspects of technical problems and find solutions to them," Farley said. "He is an excellent problem solver and solutions designer, a definite asset to our company and his contributions were great. John is the kind of guy you want on your team to bring reason and well thought out solutions to your problems. Both personable and ethical, John Roadman has remained my friend these many years." -Kevin Farley, LinkedIn recommendation (Dec. 3, 2007)

5. Well-Liked Personality

Well-liked by his peers and co-workers, Roadman facilitates productivity and enjoyment in the work environments he manages.

Former Harris Corporation co-worker Charles Westerfield reports these and other valuable characteristics of Roadman's:

"John is a very knowledgeable network engineer who I can always rely on for an accurate answer. In addition to technical product details, I have relied on John's in-depth understanding of standards and government processes several times. His upbeat personality always makes meetings and trips more enjoyable." -Charles Westerfield, LinkedIn recommendation (Nov. 27, 2007)

6. Dedicated, hard worker.

It never takes long for Roadman's name to become synonymous with hard work.

Current senior software business analyst at Duke Energy and former co-worker at Tantivy Communications, Sandi McDaniel describes working with Roadman.

"John is extremely dedicated to the task at hand. He is a hard worker, not stopping until the customer is satisfied with the quality of the product for which he's responsible. He is easy to work with, easy to communicate with and highly skilled at assessing the needs of the client. He makes an excellent asset to any company which hires him." -Sandi McDaniel, LinkedIn recommendation (Feb. 28, 2008)

7. Patient

From pumpkin carving to product developing, Roadman always has been the picture of patience.

Roadman is the quintessential example of staying calm under pressure and maintaining an unfailing patient demeanor.

As perhaps the most reliable source of all, his daughter, I say: "thank goodness 'habits die hard'."

8. Supportive

From providing trusty technology remedies to kindly mentioning the troubleshooting suggestion to plug in the power supply, Roadman values support highly. This is easily seen when noting the strong trust he instills in his co-workers and family.

9. Highly Skilled

Skills, upon skill, upon skills...


- Cellular Communications

- Cisco Technologies

- Embedded Software

- Embedded Systems

- Ethernet


- Hardware

- Integration

- IP

- Linux


- Mobile Devices

- Network Architecture

- Network Design

- Network Engineering

- Networking

- RF

- Satellite

- Satellite Communications

- Security

- Switches

- System Architecture

- System Deployment

- System Design

- Systems Engineering


- Telecommunications

- Testing

- Troubleshooting

- VoIP


- Wireless

- Wireless Network Design

- Wireless Networking

More details available on Roadman's LinkedIn profile.

11. Still need another reason to hire John Roadman? / Via

Roadman and his wife Cindy will celebrate 27 years of marriage March 21. This recent layoff wasn't nearly how they were expecting to celebrate. He also has a 21-year-old daughter following in his footsteps and attending Auburn University after transferring from the University of South Florida in Tampa.

"My dad moved to Huntsville, Ala. for this job, so my family moved 12 hours away from me when I thought I'd be attending a college just two hours away from home." said Chelsea Roadman, John's daughter and current college student. "Not everyone is blessed with as close of a connection as I have with my parents, so I picked up everything and transferred to Auburn University to be closer to home."

Between the cost of Chelsea's schooling and medical bills from her ailing health, Roadman wants nothing more than to be able to support his family.

"Life is what you wouldn’t have thought to do otherwise," John's wife Cindy Roadman said. "We've gotten through so much together, and I know this too shall pass."

As of April 1, 2014, Roadman's layoff will become effective. At a time when anxiety could reign, the family refuses to have any attitude short of gratitude and optimism.

"God didn't bring us this far to leave us now," Roadman says. "My wife reminds me of that everyday."

John Roadman. He dreams big and works even harder.
Let him put your dreams to work today!

"Some people say he dreams too big," says daughter Chelsea. "But, I don't think there's any other size dream worth having."

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