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    Posted on Jul 3, 2013

    Your Last Work Day Before A Long Weekend, Explained By Animals

    You're going to be so productive today. So product-oh! A cute internet cat.

    You wake up, thinking it's just a normal day but then you remember it's the last day before vacation!!

    You are going to be so productive today, just knowing you have a long weekend ahead to relax...

    Yes, so productive.

    But then you get to work and pretty much everyone is doing their own version of this:

    So many circles.

    Someone brought their pet to work and now no one has a fighting chance to be productive.

    You try to get down to business.

    It gets to the point that you resign to faking it.

    You're really just going through the motions here...

    Because all you can think about is what's ahead for you long weekend:

    So while you daydream you do some more of this...

    ...and this...

    Finally, you finish a report. You're not a damn animal.

    It's your last work duty for another 4 days and it feels like a godsend.

    Not so fast though, you slowly check the time to see if it's indeed vacation time...


    You can barely contain your excitement!!

    Happy long weekend!!

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