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    You Still Haven't Done Your Taxes?? No Worries, Tax Cats Are Here To Help.

    It's that time again! TAX TIME. The date is fast approaching (April 15th for those who don't know and are apparently in real trouble). So stop playing in the sunshine and let these cats help you get to work!

    So you waited 'til the last minute, eh?

    "Who Me?" Yes you.

    Don't be embarrassed.

    It's overwhelming.

    SCARY even.

    You're probably wondering what all the numbers mean...

    You probably want to do this to the IRS. This is not advised.

    No, your cute pose won't keep the IRS away either.

    You might consider hiring a Tax guy but there's really no need. Sorry, Tax guy.

    So get a hold of yourself. It's time to get down to business.

    First, get all your important documents together.

    No, you cannot deduct the snacks that fueled your epic Halo win. So stop asking.

    Injured on the job? (probably) A write-off!


    Got a family? Deduct that!


    In school? Thank god, deduct that book you studious thang you.

    Change jobs? Make sure you have both sets of paperwork!

    You're probably almost done. Now you can meditate (and check over your tax forms)

    Don't forget to put it in the mail.

    Now it's April 15th! Try not to wait until the last minute next time.

    'Cause the sooner you do, the sooner you'll feel like this: